Many of us forget that the web can be a great educational resource, especially when we spend our lunch breaks watching kitten videos on YouTube and moaning about our morning commutes on Twitter Continue Reading:>>

Consider using ActiveX controls to get the most out of your PC

Today, there is a lot of competition between companies that run PC and Mobile gaming models. One would wonder which would be the best model to use. In the past, online casino games were played through Continue Reading:>>

nexus 5 side viewA report from industry sleuth which has come as a big surprise for us: from nest year, Google will stop producing its renowned Nexus line smartphone and tablets, as suggested by Eldar Murtazin. He further claims that the Big G will divert its focus on the re-releasing of other pre-existing devices such as Google Play Edition models that run on stock Android, without any OEM bloatware. Continue Reading:>>

 google Glass mini gamesFor the first time in its history, Google has introduced a series of mini-games which are particularly designed to go with its Google Glass. Google believes that this move of theirs will prove to be a motivator for other developers, to create some interesting and exiting titles for computers. Google , if ever  will offer any facility like casual games to its fans, then one may expect that the developers may require a lot of hard work in order to raise their standards , because apparently newly introducedmini-games are not stirring much excitement. Continue Reading:>>

windows 8.1 updateIt has become like a tradition for software to be leaked on internet before their set date but when it comes to the long-awaited Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Update 1,then it is sure to be the caption.This much anticipated windows was scheduled to be released next month but its first ever update can be found peeking from different file sharing sites. It was build three months ago depicting that Microsoft must have made some variations and modifications in it before finally releasing it, however the leaked news on Update 1 gives us enough information as to what it’s promising. Continue Reading:>>

iphone 5 sapphiner glassThere are rumors in the air regarding iPhone 6, having a hard display made out of sapphire glass. Long gone are those days when we used to get a finger cut by simply swapping and taping on the cracked and shattered silver display screens, and still if one is doubtful about its hardness , the video below rejects them all with surety. Thanks to Sapphire Crystal Screen Protector by Aero-Gear, the video shows the tolerance of iPhone 5, that it can bear even hard blows by a concrete block. Continue Reading:>>

gold ipone 5 s box Apple is known for managing its reputation in the market rather than indulging in some king of competition with other companies. Now the truth is that Apple might not be downgrading as much as compared to Lumias and Samsung Galaxies but putting your fortune in purchasing an Apple product is an intelligent investment. And as the price of Apple iPhone may vary from region to region, the gadget has now starting to mold itself into its personal currency. Continue Reading:>>

google launcher in nexus 5Some Android featuring popular devices prefer to go with their personal variety of features. Last year, with the arrival of Nexus 5, users confronted with a special custom launcher, with the name of Google Experience Launcher. Since then it has been renamed as the Google Now Launcher. Google has saved this gem for its own devices but now you can get it for other non-Nexus 5 Android devices. Continue Reading:>>

rear box samsung galaxy s5Taking in consideration the current reputation of Samsung and the rumors that are circulating the web, one should be overjoyed as the first authentic report appears regarding Samsung Galaxy S5.Many reports and rumors have tried to make some wild guesses linked with the catalogue of specification, expected to be there in Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be announced at the Mobile World Congress at Unpacked 2014. However, a brief look at the package of the device has affirmed the promises bonded with the upcoming device. It will be enough to state that it’s up to the standards of any powerful device ever developed. Continue Reading:>>

sundar pichai android It appears that Google has given the company in the hands of those who are engineers but are not skilled enough when it comes down to handling difficult situations. Google’s big cheese,Sundar Pichaihas been witnessed attending this year’s Mobile World Conference, and he gave a very interesting answer to a puzzling question. Continue Reading:>>