ipad casesWe see plenty of innovative iPad cases hitting the market on a daily basis. No doubt, most of these cases do solve the basic purpose of keeping your iPad safe and protected. However, if you want to see some extraordinary and unique iPad cases that are not only useful and efficient to the core, but also amazingly creative, you’ve got to check out the following five iPad case projects that have been funded successfully on Kickstarter.  Go figure!

Trego – the Wearable iPad Case

If you’re looking for a handy way to carry your iPad anywhere and everywhere you go, this is precisely the project you’ve been waiting for! Handy, sturdy, and strong, Trego is undoubtedly the ultimate iPad case that also doubles up as a portable work station! The Trego iPad case is more like a sling bag that comes with a removable case that swivels, bends, and folds, swiftly putting your iPad just where you want it to be, and then it holds it right there for you! Whether you’re standing on the bus on your way to work, or even if you’re traveling in a train and need to use your iPad, you can do so effortlessly with the sturdy bag serving as an extra pair of hands just made for your iPad! Also featuring pockets perfect to fit your stylus, phone, wallet, keys, external keyboard, and more, Trego is truly the ultimate bag for your iPad.

iOgrapher Support Case for iPad Mini

iographer ipadDoes film making happen to be one of your hobbies or interests? If yes, the iOgrapher for your iPad mini is a case that will blow your mind away! Apparently, the iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount is the first all purpose film making case for the iPad mini. Extremely tough and made from high grade plastic, the iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount allows its users to add 37mm lenses to its lens mount area for wide angles, fisheye look, and macro or close up. Besides, the case has handles for steady hand support – so no more shaky footages! Users can even attach lighting and audio gear on its three accessory shoes on the top. The iOgrapher can also be mounted onto any standard tripod, monopod, or portable dolly. Overall, the iOgrapher iPad mini Mount is an ideal case that transforms your iPad mini into a video shooting powerhouse!

Adonit Writer: iPad Case + Keyboard

Adonit Writer ipad caseFancy having an iPad case that also doubles up as keyboard? Using the touch screen can at times be a pain, especially when you need to type a long email, send lengthy text messages, play games, or post comments. This is where the Adonit Writer comes into picture. A perfect combination of technology and fashion, the Adonit Writer is a sleek, stylish, and efficient companion for your iPad that enhances its proficiency and lifts up your productivity! The keyboard is made up of a sleek aluminum body with exceedingly responsive keys. Whether you’re travelling in a bus, sitting in an airplane, or even if you’re sitting at home on your couch, this nifty case keyboard gives you the comfort that you need.  The keyboard glides along a magnetic strip that allows unlimited screen angles and stability. All in all, if you’re looking for a proficient keyboard for your iPad, the Adonit Writer is definitely worth looking into.

The iLatch iPad Case for iPad 1 & 2

ilatch ipad caseThe iLatch for your iPad 1 & 2 is yet another smashing iPad case that definitely deserves your attention. Designed to meet almost your needs in any environment, the iLatch is an innovative iPad case that comes in particularly handy for kids and parents. Designed by a new mother, the iLatch with its unique set of clips can be attached to a stroller, car headrest, pack n’ play, shopping cart, restaurant chair, and many more such places, ideal for kiddie entertainment on the go. Besides, the best part about iLatch is that it can be moved from place to place with just one hand, making it a perfect travel accessory to go along with your precious iPad.

iPad Case – PocoWool Smart Cover

PocoWool Smart CoverFor all you eco-conscious tech lovers out there, here is one iPad case that will bowl you over. Essentially, PocoWool for iPad is a stylish, simple, and functional iPad smart cover made from wool and leather. These are eco-friendly iPad cases that look stunning and complement the design of your iPad. The PocoWool Smart Cover also works as an iPad stand with multiple angles including portrait and landscape. It can also be used comfortably on your couch, your lap, on a desk, or any other stable surface. Soft felt wool and high-grade leather materials are used for these iPad cases, with each individual piece hand stitched together for durability – perfect!

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We see plenty of innovative iPad cases hitting the market on a daily basis. No doubt, most of these cases do solve the basic purpose of keeping your iPad safe and protected. However, if you want to see some extraordinary and unique iPad cases that are not only useful...