Apple’s Next Move Without Jobs

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apple next move without steve jobsHe was a visionary for the future of technology.  He created the belief of others who had a dream beyond a college education and he proved it beyond a doubt.  For Apple followers there was grave hope that there could even be more innovations after Steve Jobs passed away. Many became concerned with their personal investments as well as their own vision of what technology could prevail after Apple’s core died.  What is Apple’s next move without Jobs?

The money

When Jobs passed the company was sitting on over 50 billion dollars in profit.  This one man created the fundamentals of utility and quality among consumers. The iphone was the beginning of what we know now as the smartphone.  The other extensions of this one tool vastly evolved.  The public welcomed each new tweak mostly due to Jobs presence to the product.  As Apple was closing in on Facebook; Jobs health turned which created a delay in domination.

The Future | What you didn’t know you needed

Most critics have to agree with the technology that stands (still) behind Apple products, innovation.  The whole realm of the stem of Apple and Jobs was to create every day gadgets that we didn’t even consider to be vital to everyday habitat.  Look at the first iphone; one it was just cool to slide your finger to accept a call, and two it caused a buzz for those who needed the cyber connection on the go.  Apple continues to showcase their goods as certain marketing strategies for those who have to go and surf.

Tim Cook the new face of Apple

The biggest question after Jobs died was who was going to be the next face of Apple? Who was going to get us excited on the next new Apple products?  The COO of Apple, Tim Cook, was of tenner to accept the endeavor.  He was the corporate material for Compaq and as all businesses that revolve around technology know; stay within the family.   He portrayed the same age as Jobs, knew his terminology when it came to Apple, and is involved with the techie side of Apple’s products.  To some he brings safety, trust, and comfort to the company; which may be the back bone that lies with future developments.

Apple’s new challenges

The main challenge Apple faces is the reliance on seeing the actual face of Apple.  Job’s death comes great conductive acceptance of change.  Even investors of Apple products express grave concern about the future technology developments for new Apple products.  It is up to the consumers’ beliefs to keep Job’s vision alive.

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