We have been previously talking about the mega event that is about to take place in coming week, and yet we are again mentioning it here; the Mobile World Congress, due to held on 25th February in Barcelona. This is the place where all the grand mobile consuming companies will gather namely Samsung and Apple, […]

This is Apple’s brand new gadget that was made available in September and up till now it has been sold in record-breaking numbers. But before we start drooling over its valuable gold casing and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the things which made it such a popular device are basically the internal hardware.

States like China, uses Dual-SIM smart phones in daily life, it has become a part of their lives. Various local Chines manufacturers are offering low-price devices that look really expensive they work as dual-SIM smartphones, anytime. Such devices are very hard to find in America and European countries, but when found, they benefit the user […]

Evasion 7 iOS 7-7.0.4 jailbreak has been released. You can find a video tutorial here, on how can you jailbreak iOS7 with the help of iOS 7.0.4 on all iPod touch and iPhone devices.

Pre-Christmas gifts? Well it would come as a surprise for the windows phone users as Microsoft is looking for ways to cheer their customers by offering, the SkyDrive users an online storage service, this season. If the users affirm their claim before this January ends, then they will be prized with 20 GB extra Cloud storage, […]

The journey to get to iOS might have taken much time, but not now, because Apple has finally facilitated the Google Music app with it. After one month of its launch the Google Play Music app has received a very good response, bringing it to the mark with other apps that are made for iOS, […]

The happy times of joy and celebration have returned, and now it’s the time to enjoy the offerings of Christmas, only if you have gone sick of saving your money for the tech,over the Thanks giving. Christmas is approaching and developers have putt concessions on their apps, as a humble gesture in honor of the […]

With every release of new product, Apple’s official site is a bit over crowded, with the orders of eager and interested buyers. If you are particularly interested in buying Mac Pro, it’s feared that you might have to wait longer than usual, because the official site of apple was pulled offline, a while back, for […]

Data security is a longstanding and important concept across the world but, as business operates globally and more and more people head to the internet, so too does it become an ever-growing problem.

Now-a-days, one may see people around, determined to get their hands on the latest model of Iphone, however the fact remains that the price is often not affordable for laymen ,and in order to purchase an Iphone, they may have to work for months, without spending much on their basic needs and themselves.