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There are no problems with being locked to most carriers these days. Customers can purchase on contract iPhones from AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint, O2 at a good price and unlock them permanently at an affordable cost. The pricing on such an unlocked gadget is lower than on a never-locked handset.

Apple releases new firmware versions and changes unlock methods. Older tools stop supporting the latest OS. Developers and companies keep finding working solutions to offer Apple customers fast and reliable unlocks for latest operating system and current iDevice models

iPhone 5S / 5C owners whose device is locked to Three Hutchison UK carrier can get either cheap permanent factory unlock at an affordable price. Everything depends on your firmware version and your previous experience and personal “treasures” we’ll talk about inside this post.

There are rumors in the air regarding iPhone 6, having a hard display made out of sapphire glass. Long gone are those days when we used to get a finger cut by simply swapping and taping on the cracked and shattered silver display screens, and still if one is doubtful about its hardness , the […]

Apple is known for managing its reputation in the market rather than indulging in some king of competition with other companies. Now the truth is that Apple might not be downgrading as much as compared to Lumias and Samsung Galaxies but putting your fortune in purchasing an Apple product is an intelligent investment. And as […]

Taking a screenshot from iOS is a piece of cake, just hold the sleep button coupled with the home button altogether and you’ve saved your Screenshot to the Camera Roll. A slight discomfort is that it can only be saved in the Camera Roll. Taking screenshots may seem necessary at times but they might not […]

IPhone’s battery life and signal catching ability are highly in demand and are of major concern for the users and fortunately both are debatable. The new innovation in technology is Signal Booster, a package invented for jailbroken iPhones, which face problem in catching signals, no matter whatever version of iOS the user has.

As is the tradition, the unreleased Apple devices are surrounded by certain and abundant rumors, especially now when the intellectuals and analysts are trying to create the release calendar with the support of history, clues and a lot of guess work. Now a budding report is here supported by some researches pertaining to Apple that […]

Apple’s decision of substituting the name of their iPad with iPad Air has made us all wonder that probably Apple is bringing something new to this device, which was presumed to be known as iPad Pro because Apple’s MacBook range also comprises of Air and Pro versions. And it does make sense that if you […]

With the rise of new day, good news has arrived for jailbreaking clan. It looks like, with every refresh, installed repositories within Cydia explode into loads of new and updated packages, for iOS7 users on upgraded devices. One of the latest packages is AirBlue sharing, which has caught the eyes of iOS7 and ARM64. AirBlue […]