Juice Pack Plus battery case for new iPhone has revealed by Mophie. This pack is newest and mophie’s 3rd battery case designed for iphone 5 and has ability to hold double of battery life on single charge.

Iron Man Game Review

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One of the important characteristics of this entertainment is the capability to pay as either War Machine or Iron Man, giving users the chance to explore 2 full different game plays and storylines. The difference of fight technique of the 2 characters is that Stark as Iron Man has amazing speed and agility

Gaming has come a long way since you were trying to rescue Princess Peach on your old 8-bit Nintendo. Regardless of the gaming system, having the proper television goes a long way

Who says gaming can’t be a social hobby? People who need to get with the times, that’s who! Far from the tired clichés of darkened basements and solitary geeks, modern gaming is, through and through, an activity to be undertaken with friends

One category that sees a sea of changes, constant improvements and new developments is the PC. New versions tend to live up to the expectations of fans though there is always place for a few tweaks and changes here and there. Combat and strategy continues to receive prime focus with the latest games dealing with […]

Final Fantasy VIII Review

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In 1997, the world of Role Playing Games was forever changed by the introduction of Final Fantasy VII, the first 3D RPG in Hironobu Sakaguchi’s famous franchise. A little over 10 years has passed since then, and the world is still in love with the game, but, let’s rewind a bit

It’s just a week to Christmas now and is actually the right time to think about the Christmas gifts. There are too many people to be gifted and too little time is left. Christmas madness is all about the get together, family functions, food, decorations and on top all, the gifts

Now that the holiday season is upon us, gaming news sources have been busy predicting the hottest titles to be released before the end of this year. Here are five of the most anticipated games for consoles and PCs that will be arriving soon in North America.

Angry Birds got much popularity from App Store and then it is available on other Chrome app Store. According to WSJ Rovio is working on expanding Angry Birds franchise into Toys, Book and movies.

As in the past official trailer of Modern Warfare 3 has came on ground  and now we’ve got that the pre-order are available and it is sure modern warfare 3 to be biggest selling game of the year.