It has become like a tradition for software to be leaked on internet before their set date but when it comes to the long-awaited Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Update 1,then it is sure to be the caption.This much anticipated windows was scheduled to be released next month but its first ever update can be found peeking […]

Pre-Christmas gifts? Well it would come as a surprise for the windows phone users as Microsoft is looking for ways to cheer their customers by offering, the SkyDrive users an online storage service, this season. If the users affirm their claim before this January ends, then they will be prized with 20 GB extra Cloud storage, […]

Video games are no longer what they used to be. Constant developments in the field have taken gaming to an entirely new level that gives gamers an experience like never before

The mere thought is enough to have our stomachs filled with butterflies and whirlwinds of excitement. Planned for Christmas 2013, the new Xbox is just a year away

Windows Phone 8 is the highly anticipated operating system from tech giant Microsoft. Windows 8 is widely seen as Microsoft’s last chance to gain a foothold in the highly competitive smartphone operating system market

It is Windows 8 upgrade time, or maybe not. Should you upgrade to Windows 8? Determining whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8 probably comes down to a personal choice.

It has only been a few years since the release of Windows 7, and now Windows 8 is going to be released with a lot more great features

Maltese business owners gathered at the Smart City business hub this week for the launch of Microsoft Office 365, the latest set of products and services from the Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft revealed a smaller 10.6 inch tablet with a keyboard touch cover. Microsoft new tablet is power full in software and hardware with a decent in design. Here is the extract of information taken from Microsoft website.

In early 2010, the top 12 Microsoft designers sat down in their headquarters’ meeting room to look at hundreds of screenshots, posted along one of its 12 meter long wall