Contrary to popular belief, your web-browser isn’t the most powerful application on your computer your operating system Microsoft Windows is

Vlingo Virtual Assitant for Android got better User interface and performance. Vlingo is very good virtual assistant you just have to speak and it will help you do more stuff in a faster and easier than before. Vlingo is now available on android along with some pretty new updates.

Firefox 9.0 Alpha 2/10.0 Alpha 1 released come with the bundle of new feature to server better to users. New version comes up with the friendly and customizable browsing feature for all. As Firefox is much familiar name in the browsing world, and I think many of you guys love to use it because it’s […]

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Microsoft has now released the  Candidate version of Visual Studio 2010 for all the public to download. You can now easily download and try out Visual Studio 2010 RC. The .NET Framework 4 RC previously

You-tube introduced recently a software that is empowered with various qualities. Before we tell you about the qualities of this  software we would like to delight you by telling that this software is completely free and currently

If you were worried about any PDF file to edited or you want to create a PDF file, now it is possible for a user to create and edit a PDF file with the help of

Nokia's Symbian OS Upgrade

by Mr. J on December 12, 2009 · 0 comments

Nokia is coming up with the new upgrade against rivals such as Apple and Google with its preview of the upcoming iteration of Symbian OS (V3) for touchscreen devices. The upgraded mobile operating system

The new update of Google Maps Mobile is available. It has upgraded to version 3.3. This upgrade has many new features. It has one new feature which allows you to keep starred items in your phone completely in sync with the ones on your computer.