Exploring the new features of Windows 8

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windows 8It has only been a few years since the release of Windows 7, and now Windows 8 is going to be released with a lot more great features. It takes touch to a whole new level, and brings ease of use and accessibility, into a pretty package. This is at least what Microsoft wants you to think with its release of Windows 8.

The newly packaged Microsoft Windows 8 does have some pretty cool features, which may even have some Mac users thinking “Hey, why didn’t Apple think of that”. However, this brand new operating system does come with some big limitations.

Did Windows 8 Rethink the Window, or are Windows More 90’s than 2010’s?

Windows 8 is a socially connected OS, with a start screen that brings you the best of Internet social activity. This is something that many PC users will have to get used to when transitioning from older versions of the Windows operating system. If you are not used to having all the touch features, you may want to get a hold of a touch device to be able to experience Windows 8 the way that the designers intended.

There are a lot of wonderful features, many which will require you to have Internet service to be able to enjoy them. You will even be able to connect to your ISP provided email and have your entire social and media activity displayed when you start your computer.

It is also sure that some Internet providers, such as providers from ruralhighspeedinternet.com will be offering ARM devices that feature the Windows RT version of Windows 8 for tablets and other mobile devices. One of the features of Windows 8 that makes it such an interesting OS is the ability to use touch navigation to move through the files on your computer. This is what this operating system was developed for, even before Windows 8, Windows 7 focused on these features. With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft hopes to have capitalized on the growing want for a ‘touch-ready’ operating system.

It is not all about touch though, as there are some fundamental changes with Windows 8, such as the physical start menu being gone. This is something that may have many lifelong Windows users being confused and will be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when moving to the new OS.

The boot load has also been improved in Windows 8. Starting the computer only takes a few seconds, and Windows will be loaded faster than ever before. It is a major improvement from Windows 7 and Vista, due to advancements in the software as well as hardware advancements in the past three years.

The desktop and Windows explorer have also been updated. The new Windows has the ribbon menu throughout the OS, which makes everyday tasks much easier. This OS is definitely an improvement as it ships out of the box. And, if history has taught us anything, Microsoft will be releasing improvements to this operating system over the next few years.

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