Great Note and Journal Apps for The Working iPhone User

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notes apps iphonePicture this scenario. You’re walking down the sidewalk when, seemingly out of nowhere, you get an idea. It’s an idea that you want to remember, to perfectly preserve until you can get back to the office or return home to put it down on paper. Sadly, though, there’s a good chance that this idea will escape from your memory or morph into something unrecognizable after an hour or two.

For most people, this sort of temporary memory loss isn’t such a big deal. Writers working in advertising and other fields, however, make their livings coming up with ideas and building upon them. For them, this sort of memory loss means lost time and lost income. Fortunately for writers and non-writers alike, the iPhone offers plenty of notepad- and journal-style apps that will help you out in exactly these sorts of situations. You can get these apps on all iPhones including the iPhone 4s and the new iPhone 5

Journal apps

Most mobile device users think of journal apps as only good for keeping a travel log while they’re on vacation. If you have a busy schedule and need to keep notes on the results of your appointments and meetings, though, you should seriously consider looking up an iPhone journal app. Day One is a top-selling app that allows iPhone users to keep detailed notes sorted in a journal format. Highly organized people will appreciate Day One’s tag function, which allows for the convenient and simple searching of your past notes. This app also features a passcode lock for users who want to keep their notes as private as possible and a tweeting option for users who want to broadcast their journal entries to their family and friends on Twitter. Day One’s regular price is $4.99, but its excellent features more than make up for its cost.

iPhone users looking for a smaller, cheaper journal app might be interested in Momento. Momento is essentially Day Onewith fewer functions, but it’s great for users who are looking for a simple app to record their daily thoughts and organize them in a journal format. At a mere $0.99, Momento has many of the same vital features as does Day One, including the passcode lock and the tagging system.

Note-taking apps

Some iPhone users need a virtual notepad that they can carry around in their pocket. The pre-installed Notes app is a basic, no-frills notepad program that’s somewhat akin to Microsoft’s Notepad: both are decent, relatively useful applications, but they offer users few features.

Users looking for more out of their note-taking apps should have a look at Evernote. Evernote is the Cadillac of iPhone note apps. It features a tagging system for individual notes, a to-do list template, audio note recording, and automatic syncing of your notes with your other mobile devices and computers. This program is perfect for the writer who needs to record his or her ideas while outside or on the train or the bus: the app can send saved notes directly to your computer, and the tagging system ensures that you’ll be able to search for and find old notes when you need them. Best of all, Evernote is free to use.

Are your notes top secret?  Then you should invest in Safe Note. This iPhone notes app features a reliable password system that prevents prying eyes from seeing your sensitive information. Safe Notecosts $1.99 in Apple’s apps store, but the security it provides is invaluable.

Don’t let those precious ideas slip out of your memory ever again. By using one of these fantastic iPhone apps, you can record, save, tag, and organize all of your important notes and protect the notes that you want to keep private.

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