Here’s Why Nokia Will Beat Apple In China

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nokia beat appleChinese consumers prefer Nokia phones over Apple iPhones. The main reasons are price, availability and features. At last year’s investment conference Nokia’s CFO Mr. Ihamuotila priced an unsubsidized iPhone for roughly $775 and Nokia‘s equivalent version Lumia phone retailed at $580.

Nokia is still aiming to deliver a range of phones that are far less expensive than iPhone. If the cost break is the same, Nokia will offer more accessories and features for the same price.

It is a no-brainer that if you were offered a relatively similar phone at a lower price you would highly consider switching or buying the phone that is lower in cost, and has more features.

China Cell Phone Market Exploding

China’s cellular revolution is growing very quickly. By the end of 2012 it was predicted that the cellular phone market in China would be larger than the U.S. market. Nokia did take off at a fast pace in the U.S. with T-Mobile embracing the phone, but Nokia phones are still more popular and trending faster in China.

Nokia is using a very smart marketing ploy. They are targeting areas of the cellular phone market that are below Apple’s radar. These consumers who want lower, but good phones are the “next one billion” consumers. Nokia’s plan is to aggressively market to those at the bottom of cell phone consumers.

Given the number of people in China, this is an excellent marketing strategy. Will Nokia eventually beat out the iPhone? Most assuredly. Highly respected business executives emphasize that companies should push in markets they can dominate. Nokia is certainly making a push in the bottom rung of the Chinese cellular phone market.

Recent stock market shares of Nokia are up by 74 cents or almost 20 percent. Steady gains mean more advertising for Nokia. The higher stock prices are based on Nokia having high handset sales that include the Lumia portfolio. Lumia is a Windows based phone and has high performance in terms of cost management and margins.

Nokia for the Consumer

More reasons that Nokia will beat out Apple in China includes the awesome features that are built into the resent issues of Nokia. PureView technology with image stabilization and high end Carl Zeiss lenses provide blur free videos. The PureMotion display is the world’s brightest and fastest touch screen. It is highly sensitive and responds to your fingertips even when you are wearing gloves.

With 4G LTE and an advanced 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Nokia Lumia uses Internet Explorer 10 to bring the world to you.

A unified interface that brings content across multiple screens is one very nice feature, and with the CityLens feature you can discover every attraction a city has to offer. Just look in Nokia Lumia’s viewfinder.

Here’s why Nokia will beat Apple in China. First is the marketing strategy to advertise to consumers that are “below the iPhone tier.” Next is the streamline design and Windows applications. You will find that there are so many great features in this Nokia phone that Chinese consumers are rushing to buy the newest and greatest. China knows technology.

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