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by djshoaib on October 16, 2012 · 1 comment

iphone cases and coversWhen you have a new phone it’s always the same story, you say you won’t drop it or scratch it, you’ll look after this one. When you look at your old one however, you should realise that this is not the case; you may well look after your phone for the first few weeks and the first time you drop it is obviously devastating but seriously, how long until the novelty wears off? The point is, when you do drop it or scratch it most people turn to the phone company that provided them with the phone and they expect them to either repair or replace it for free. The fact is though that companies can’t offer this service as not enough people take out mobile phone insurance and of those people, most of them don’t keep it in a case either.

It’s ridiculous to think that so many people walk around with phones that are worth over £500 – the iPhone for example – and they don’t put a case over it to protect it. This is even more ridiculous when you look at how many hundreds of thousands of phone cases and protective screen covers are available on the internet, at extremely affordable prices.  Some phone covers are, granted, very expensive but it should be pretty easy to find a few that fit within your budget.

Keeping your phone in good condition is something that people have become proud of. In fact people seem to be embarrassed to walk around with an old battered phone nowadays. A lot of people do care for their phone and not only spend hundreds of pounds on the actual product but they also shell out a lot on buying accessories, such as screen protectors and cases for them. Nowadays a phone is something that people can’t live without and they treat them like a baby, so as not to risk hurting them in any way.

Nowadays you can even get your phone and accessories personalised, whether you want your name etched into them, your picture printed onto them or gems set into them, the options are endless; this may cost more than buying a generic case though, so if you’re on a budget it would not be recommended. The price of all accessories is dependent on what it is that you decide on but many companies now offer great prices and deals as the demand is so high, and they know that if their deals are not competitive you will not shop with them.

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