Leaked Screenshots of Windows 8 shows Improved Taskbar, Installation from Scratch in 8 Minutes & Restores in just 2 minutes!

by sid on March 7, 2011 · 0 comments

microsoft windows 8 new and improvedYou can’t assure that people won’t leak your new software even you are asking them in a pleasant way. Microsoft wants to get aware of this fact tonight. Today Win7China (through Windows 8 Beta) have organized and have full grasped over a few screenshots of Microsoft next operating system, the Windows 8. winodws 8 wallpaper by surfpk

Win7China wants to share some information too. A new ‘restore’ feature has been launched. By using this feature, the users can give back their systems to vanilla install of Windows 8 any time in only 2 minutes. You have to make a clone of a drive before installing your applications. This is a reliable way to install it. If you want to reinstall Windows 8 then you don’t have to wait for a long time. Windows 8 will be installed in just 8 minutes. Win7China declares that the same machine will install Windows 7 in 23 minutes. It is not easy to understand that how this huge improvement has been attained. There are many other additions such as the ability to login by using Windows Live ID. The display picture is shown in the system tray which has been redesigned.windows 8 display picture system tray

Here are some more leaked screens of windows 8:

windows 8 driver installationwindows 8 livesetupmicrosoft windows 8 wallpaper

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