Looking For A Job? There’s An App For That!

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Finding good employment in the current economic climate can be tricky, and in order to make sure that your profile reaches the sight-line of the employers that you would like to attract, it is necessary to take advantage of every innovation and opportunity that comes your way

. This includes using a piece of technology that most of us simply use for fun – apps on tablets and smartphones. As the saying goes ‘there’s an app for that’ and ‘that’ includes the painstaking business of finding a good job that will provide the twin benefits of job satisfaction and a decent salary. The following apps are some of the top performing job-search tools available for smartphones and tablets.


Jobcentre Plus has unrolled a mobile app, compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, and with iOS for iPad and iPhone – unfortunately it is not yet usable with Windows phones – and of course, is still available on PC. The app can be programmed to push notifications of ideal placements to job seekers, ensuring that they do not miss out on the chance to apply for their dream job, simply because they forgot to go online to check out the latest offerings. Jobcentre Plus is already widely used by job hunters and going mobile is sure to enhance the benefits of using this great site, with its easy to use layout.


LinkedIn is traditionally more of a social networking site for professional business people, especially those running small to medium scale enterprises that are in need of growth through the fostering of connections with industry colleagues and contacts. However, LinkedIn also offers a job search feature, which is programmable by location and job type, enabling a speedy filtering out of unwanted results. LinkedIn is absolutely enormous, boasting 200 million members in over 200 countries. This wide base makes LinkedIn an excellent choice for a candidate looking to pursue a career with a big, multi-national company – there is sure to be a contact chain leading to someone in a position to point you in the right direction. LinkedIn has rolled out from PC to both Android and iOS, enabling users to stay up to date while on the go. Download


LinkUp is a purely job search website, and take pride in the fact that the jobs they advertise are sourced directly from company websites. They cite a base of over 20 000 company websites, and say that because of this direct job sourcing they manage to avoid those jobs that crop up occasionally and turn out to be scams or offer very little pay for the effort expected. The direct sourcing helps LinkUp stay up to date with recruitment needs of business and thus, they say, make sure that the jobs listed are all recent and relevant. LinkUp is available on PC, iOS and Android, enabling job seekers to browse through the latest offerings and email interesting positions to their own email for later consideration. LinkUp is quite a new offering, but is rapidly making strides in the recruitment industry. Download

Job Search

The very simply named Job Search is available on iOS for iPad and iPhone, Android for a variety of other smartphones and even on the Internet for any internet-ready phone or a PC. Job Search provides a quick and intuitive interface, allowing a speedy search. If the device has geo-location enabled it will take the location of the job hunt into account, if required. The newest offerings will automatically populate the field recognizing those that were uploaded after your last log-in. There have been a few grumbles from customers that their smartphone or device will not allow filtering by location, this is possibly because there is no built-in GPS in the device in question. Job Search is a free app, like all of the apps detailed here, and allows a job seeker to view vacancies all over the world, from Canada and the USA to Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand – perfect for wannabe travelers! Download


Monster is one of the best known online job search engines and has stayed up to date with technology. Monster offers apps for both iOS and Android, making the wide array of posts available to a much wider, more mobile range of personnel. Monster even has links to social media, allowing users to log in via Facebook, making sure the word of the job search is spread far and wide through the medium.

It is an excellent benefit to a job seeker, to be able to use your mobile or tablet to look for work while out and about, maybe even as you pop into employment agencies to sign up! However, it must be stressed that using these apps, while wonderful and convenient, is no replacement for the traditional job performed by one of these job agencies, who have the contacts, the wisdom and the experience to help you find your way back onto your chosen career path. Download

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