Most Useful iPhone Applications For Real Estate

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iphone apps for real estateThe iPhone is a very useful tool for real estate agents. With the right combination of apps, you can use the iPhone to your advantage by providing your clients with a better experience than other real estate agents could. Here is a list of some of the most useful iPhone apps you should install on your phone.


If you are a real estate agent who often finds himself in the car and on the go, this app may be perfect for you. Speak4It is a speech-to-text app that allows you to search for businesses in your vicinity without having to use your hands. If you need to find a local restaurant on the fly or a coffee shop to use your laptop, you can use this app while you are driving to find the nearest location of a specific business.


This handy application allows you to collect a signature using your iPhone. With this app, you never have to waste time going back to your office to print off documents in order to collect the signature of your client. You can simply have them sign their name using this application and it will be placed on the necessary documents in order to facilitate a sale.


Where is another great app that allows you to locate local businesses. If you ever find yourself needing to answer your clients’ questions about the neighborhood surrounding one of your properties, you can simply pull up this application and find whatever it is they are looking for. Where can help you locate the closest day care facilities, hospitals, veterinarian offices, and any other businesses your clients may be interested in knowing the location of.


This unique iPhone app allows you to measure the distance inside a room. All you need for this app to give you an accurate measurement of a specific location inside a room is a credit card. You then take a picture of the spot you want to measure with the credit card in plain sight and the application does all of the rest of the work.

This app is great for allowing your clients to determine whether or not their furniture would fit in a specific location of a home or what the distance is from one spot of a room to the wall without having to carry around a ruler.

Mortgage Calculator

Oftentimes, the monthly payments someone would have to pay is the deciding factor on whether or not they make a bid on a home. By having a mortgage calculator app on your iPhone, you can provide your clients with an idea of the amount of money they would have to pay each month if they purchased a home. This helps you be as prepared as possible when discussing whether or not a home is affordable with your clients.

Color Code

Color code is a fun iPhone application that enables you to gather paint code numbers for your clients. If you are showing someone a model home and they mention how much they love the color scheme, you can snap a picture of the room and receive the paint color code, which will enable your client to paint their new home that same color. This is sure to impress your clients and show them that you are looking out for their best interests while you continue to gain their trust.

The iPhone continues to change the way people live their lives. This is especially true for real estate agents thanks to all of the great real estate applications that are available for the iPhone these days. Installing some of the more popular real estate agent apps will help you improve your business and service.


Ben Sawyer is content contributor for Arverne by the Sea, real estate firm from NYC. In this article, Ben shared with us some of the most useful iPhone apps for realtors.

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