Old Woman tried to Smuggle 44 iPhone 4’s to Israel, caught on Airport!

by djshoaib on January 25, 2011 · 1 comment

44 iphone smuggling imageAs we know that iPhone 4 is one of the top cellphone all over the world. We can understand its popularity from the recent event of an old woman trying to smuggle 44 iPhone 4’s in to Israel, although he didn’t succeeded in doing this and was caught at the Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport. This lady was somewhere around 60 years old and was returning back from a trip of London.iPhone 4 smuggling Israel image

According to Haaretz, “Last week’s would-be smartphone smuggler was reportedly dressed in a traditional Georgian outfit and walking with difficulty, which drew the attention of customs officials. When they approached the Israeli woman, she claimed she was not feeling well.”

The custom men accompanied her, at first she hesitated to pass through the full-body scanner, this was the trick to avoid the scanner but the officials passed her through the full body scanner. They were amazed when they found that under his traditional dress, there was a wrapping under the body cover which carried 44 hidden iPhones in her stockings.

Well we’ve seen other events around the world of such scans that revealed caches of drugs, money, diamonds, jewelry, and fake medicine on the bodies of travelers. But I must say that’s one unique event of its kind.

After some initial investigations, the lady was released and decision will be made this week whether to indict her or to let committee decide the fines.

All the 44 iPhones would have approx. value of $35,400 from UK and $42,500 from US.

[via Haaretz & Engadget]

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