galaxy s5 vs xperia z 2 specsIf someone asks about my opinion about Samsung Galaxy S5, then i won’t hesitate to express my disappointment and disapproval. It’s nothing more than a mere upgrade of previous year’s Galaxy S4. However the likes of Samsung and those crazy Galaxy fans still desire this new piece of technology,and undoubtedly it will sustain its record of sales figure, like previous year. Continue Reading:>>

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s5 fun release When Samsung announces its new release then the whole mobile community is expected to sit and watch for it, eagerly. Recently Samsung announced Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Conference at Barcelona, and it’s a beacon not only for those who were waiting to get their hands on it but also for those mobile manufacturing companies who compete against it. Continue Reading:>>

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We have been previously talking about the mega event that is about to take place in coming week, and yet we are again mentioning it here; the Mobile World Congress, due to held on 25th February in Barcelona. This is the place where all the grand mobile consuming companies will gather namely Samsung and Apple, and launch their new products. Nokia always is the focal center in this event, but this time, Samsung seems to be the one in the limelight. Rumors have it that Samsung has chosen this stage to reveal its brand new product Samsung Galaxy S5.Yesterday Samsung released teaser with a number ‘5’ in the title, which has strengthened our believes of Samsung launching Galaxy S5 at MWC and that within days we’ll be talking about the related device. Samsung’s Galaxy flagship is the sole competitor of iPhone and with the teaser released; our excitement and anticipation both have been built higher. Continue Reading:>>

Galaxy Camera 2 price release dateThis March 2014, Samsung’s Galaxy Camera 2 will be releasing. And this means that people looking forward to it, will soon be having this impressive device in their hands. Samsung’s real point-and-shoot offering came up with a lot of smartphone-esque features, which were rare and were not seen in any of the typical device before, also it shipped in November 2012 with the slogan “Camera. Reborn”. Continue Reading:>>

Nokia X Android Smartphone-121Whenever Nokia announces a new smartphone from its flagship, it becomes the headline in the mobile world. Same is the case now when the chances of Nokia, introducing a new smartphone in the budget of the consumers, on February 25th in the Mobile World Congress- Barcelona. Continue Reading:>>

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Flicker has a history of being very well informed and canny leaker of data related to Cameras of unreleased smartphones, and with the release date of Galaxy S5 getting nearer, the Yahoo-owned picture sharing internet site seems to have taken its hand on the first image through its hoodwinking ways. Reality is that we still don’t have know-how of the veiled device and its specifications that Korean company is keeping in secret but as the rumors are telling us, the device is going to possess a 16 MP rear-facing camera. An image taken via Samsung-SM-G900A (possibly the AT&T Galaxy S5) and its EXIF data, posted on the site of Flicker has confirmed the doubts. Continue Reading:>>

facebook bought whatsappRecently Facebook has shook the whole modern tech world by declaring that it will soon be buying the famous proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones and all , WhatsApp Messenger, in $16 billion. This is a hell lot of money and it will be paid in the form of$12 billion in stocks and $4 billion in hard cash. Facebook announced this in a press release, and despite the fact that we have seen much hi-fi over taking in the past few years; this is surely the most wonderful and dumbfounding. Continue Reading:>>

data transfer from ios to androidWhenever you switch to a new cell phone, the biggest problem faced is leaving the old valuable data behind in your previous phone. But we have progressed so much in the smartphone technology that this problem is not more and attention seeker now as the third party provides you solutions to overcome this trouble though with some shortcomings. However when you plan to migrate from iOS to Android things becomes really tricky as well as interesting. Continue Reading:>>

clipshot Taking a screenshot from iOS is a piece of cake, just hold the sleep button coupled with the home button altogether and you’ve saved your Screenshot to the Camera Roll. A slight discomfort is that it can only be saved in the Camera Roll. Taking screenshots may seem necessary at times but they might not retain their value after some time. Like, when most of us are habitual of taking screenies of high-score on Candy Crush and share the happy moments with our friends or on webpages but we tend to forget about those screenshots until our Camera Roll is clogged up. Continue Reading:>>

signal booster iphone IPhone’s battery life and signal catching ability are highly in demand and are of major concern for the users and fortunately both are debatable. The new innovation in technology is Signal Booster, a package invented for jailbroken iPhones, which face problem in catching signals, no matter whatever version of iOS the user has. Continue Reading:>>