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Flicker has a history of being very well informed and canny leaker of data related to Cameras of unreleased smartphones, and with the release date of Galaxy S5 getting nearer, the Yahoo-owned picture sharing internet site seems to have taken its hand on the first image through its hoodwinking ways. Reality is that we still don’t have know-how of the veiled device and its specifications that Korean company is keeping in secret but as the rumors are telling us, the device is going to possess a 16 MP rear-facing camera. An image taken via Samsung-SM-G900A (possibly the AT&T Galaxy S5) and its EXIF data, posted on the site of Flicker has confirmed the doubts. Continue Reading:>>

facebook bought whatsappRecently Facebook has shook the whole modern tech world by declaring that it will soon be buying the famous proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones and all , WhatsApp Messenger, in $16 billion. This is a hell lot of money and it will be paid in the form of$12 billion in stocks and $4 billion in hard cash. Facebook announced this in a press release, and despite the fact that we have seen much hi-fi over taking in the past few years; this is surely the most wonderful and dumbfounding. Continue Reading:>>

data transfer from ios to androidWhenever you switch to a new cell phone, the biggest problem faced is leaving the old valuable data behind in your previous phone. But we have progressed so much in the smartphone technology that this problem is not more and attention seeker now as the third party provides you solutions to overcome this trouble though with some shortcomings. However when you plan to migrate from iOS to Android things becomes really tricky as well as interesting. Continue Reading:>>

clipshot Taking a screenshot from iOS is a piece of cake, just hold the sleep button coupled with the home button altogether and you’ve saved your Screenshot to the Camera Roll. A slight discomfort is that it can only be saved in the Camera Roll. Taking screenshots may seem necessary at times but they might not retain their value after some time. Like, when most of us are habitual of taking screenies of high-score on Candy Crush and share the happy moments with our friends or on webpages but we tend to forget about those screenshots until our Camera Roll is clogged up. Continue Reading:>>

signal booster iphone IPhone’s battery life and signal catching ability are highly in demand and are of major concern for the users and fortunately both are debatable. The new innovation in technology is Signal Booster, a package invented for jailbroken iPhones, which face problem in catching signals, no matter whatever version of iOS the user has. Continue Reading:>>

whatsapp imageNo doubt Apple has made it an amazing and unique experience of inter-app sharing of data for iOS by the years, but Google’s Android is the uncrowned champion in this league as its apps can more easily talk with each other. No matter Apple has shown a great deal of improvement when it comes to photo sharing, snippets of text and data but still users consider it more complicated. Continue Reading:>>

iwatch imageAs is the tradition, the unreleased Apple devices are surrounded by certain and abundant rumors, especially now when the intellectuals and analysts are trying to create the release calendar with the support of history, clues and a lot of guess work. Now a budding report is here supported by some researches pertaining to Apple that it might come up with iPhone 6 with 5.5-inch display. Some rumors are also attached with the futuristic iWatch that it will be made with flexible AMOLED. (Can you believe that?) Continue Reading:>>

t2 ultra zperia smartphoneSony has added new members in its Xperia range, after Xperia Z1S and Xperia Z1 compact. The specifications and appearance Xperia T2 Ultra and Xperia E1 gives the impression that as if they are built for the kind of users who roam low level smartphone selling market places. They are not that much powerful to be compared with best type of Android. Continue Reading:>>

google glass app Google Glass is getting famous with every passing day, though it has some shortcomings. Technology is taking over everything used in daily routine, off course this was not the case earlier. Let us introduce to the new Google Glass app, specifically generated for drivers. It does not let you doze off during long drives in your car, and that is exactly the aim of DriveSafe.
This app is developed by a small team comprising of 3 associates, supervised by Jake Steinerman. The focus of this app is based on the 2010 AAA statistic, which asserts that more than 41 % of US drivers tend to fall asleep during driving, at times. The risk of accidents is greater at longer drives, where the driver gets bore by just staying put like a statue and doing nothing. Continue Reading:>>

ipad pro concept Apple’s decision of substituting the name of their iPad with iPad Air has made us all wonder that probably Apple is bringing something new to this device, which was presumed to be known as iPad Pro because Apple’s MacBook range also comprises of Air and Pro versions. And it does make sense that if you are changing the name then definitely something new must be on its way. Apple has not asserted anything about the expected iPad Pro nor has it given any statement regarding its features and all. Continue Reading:>>