best selling gadgetsAs 2013 has finally come to a close and we find ourselves in the icy grip of a freshly born year, we’re in a curiously nostalgic mood, asking ourselves some of the pressing questions that one does when faced with recollecting an entire 365 days of our lives. Who was born? Who died? What mattered, and of course, what were the bestselling gadgets of the year? Well, if the latter one has been bugging you too, join us as we take a look at the bestselling gadgets of 2013, in no particular order at all. Continue Reading:>>

rp one controller CES has never disappointed its consumers and the expectations from them were higher this year, keeping their reputation in mind and also this fact that we don’t have many options right now and those we have are rather bleak. What we hoped from CES was that it would be introducing new iOS7 gaming controllers but anyhow it hasn’t dampened our spirits so far. SteelSeries launched its brand new Stratus controller yesterday and today we are introducing to another one. Continue Reading:>>

Xperia Z1 CompactTechnology is always given a push forward whenever CES announces its new products and with Pebble’s steel smart watch and Samsung’s curved TV sets along with other inventions, Sony has decided to announce something big regarding its mobile series. Sony has entered the scene once again with a new and different mobile product. Continue Reading:>>

xbox one salesThe year 2013 was a year of modern technology and innovative ideas yet all these inventions could not replace the need of next generation consoles. Microsoft along with Sony was in the race of who comes up with the better gadget? Microsoft came up with Xbox and the later with PlayStation, and though it would be a bit earlier to declare anyone of these to be the dominating ruler of video game market, both undoubtedly did great a great job and earned a lot of name in the start. Yusuf Mehdi, VP of Marketing, Strategy and Business for the Xbox, has written an appraisal, on the progress and success of Xbox, he has revealed that more than 3 million items of the product has been sold in 13 different countries. Continue Reading:>>

AirBlue Sharing for iOS 7 releasedWith the rise of new day, good news has arrived for jailbreaking clan. It looks like, with every refresh, installed repositories within Cydia explode into loads of new and updated packages, for iOS7 users on upgraded devices. One of the latest packages is AirBlue sharing, which has caught the eyes of iOS7 and ARM64. AirBlue sharing is a quality extension, offering Bluetooth OBEX (Object Exchange) and files could be easily shared by all jailbreak gadgets. Continue Reading:>>

BlackBerry sues iphone accessory makers-1It looks like BlackBerry has gone tired of making money by selling smartphones and has decided to earn its living through law and courts. As this is heard, that the famous smartphones selling company has decided to drag a small iPhone accessory maker in courts. Continue Reading:>>

galaxy s5 releaseA number of rumors linked with Galaxy S5 have been encircling the web and an equal number of reports have accompanied, rejecting them. All this has lowered the level of our expectations from Samsung, but now that it all has stopped now. Samsung has been claiming about keeping a low profile about the coming and most anticipated GalaxyS5 but now the latest report from iNews24 is that Samsung’s Korean manufacturers have decided to experiment with the new Galaxy S5 and they might be adding some fresh features in the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone, launching in March 2014. Continue Reading:>>

TetherMe for ios 7Recent arrival of jailbreak for iOS7 has made those tweaks, released last week by Apple mobile ecosystem, more famous and they are getting updated frantically. Its TetherMe today, which is a famous Hotspot app made to be fully compatible for iOS7, also it is boosted by support for the brand new devices having 64-bit A7processor. Continue Reading:>>

iphone ios7 wallpaperApple has brought an exceptional change to the appearance of your iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, with the help of iOS7. Whatever form or color you fancy be it flatter and eye-catching aesthetics or not, undoubtedly the casing of the device might have remained the source but the software within is totally new. Continue Reading:>>

In recent times, the technology of motion tracking has flourished so much in the marketed and as the product like Nike FuelBand have proved themselves to be appraisable mobiles have also accompanied them in the race of popularity and fitness gaining accessories as people are getting more fitness conscious. Technology is definitely a blessing and it keeps proving itself in different forms and shapes like now it’s possible to convert a smart phone into useful activity tracker by using the correct app and hardware ,living example is Fitbit for iOS latest app update combining with iPhone5s. This is Apple's brand new gadget that was made available in September and up till now it has been sold in record-breaking numbers. But before we start drooling over its valuable gold casing and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the things which made it such a popular device are basically the internal hardware. The credit of being the first Smartphone to support a 64-bit processor goes to it and Apple also facilitated it with an M7 motion co-processor. Many quad-core lovers are addicted to the ways of Cupertino opting for a dual-core chip, and the motion coprocessor is helpful in creating better and much efficient systems, divided in different tasks. Now-a-Days fitness tracking apps are hugely dependent on motion sensing and the creators behind these utilities are very quick in capitalizing the advanced and upgraded innards. Fitbit has come up with a new idea. Just like Nike FuelBand, it has introduced its own hardware along with supplementary iOS app. Now the idea it has brought is that the consumer first has to buy the wearable gadget and afterwards download the mentioned software companion which is available on the app store. Now in order to tempt the consumer and make its services interesting, the application has been updated generously with an added feature, Mobile Tracking - this feature has brought the base-level tracking so comfortably in your iPhone5s. Motion coprocessor enables you to gain benefits of a FitBit device and you don’t need to bother about going out and stumping up for it. Another plus point is that no additional battery life is lost and you are able to keep a track of the number of calories you are burning without worrying about running your device along with your energy. However this app does not offer all the features of Fitbit tracker. But what it is providing is a tater and it’s free of cost. It also works with the new iPads and M7 Motion coprocessor. Check it out through the link given below. (Downloa Fitbit for iOS on App Store
This is Apple’s brand new gadget that was made available in September and up till now it has been sold in record-breaking numbers. But before we start drooling over its valuable gold casing and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the things which made it such a popular device are basically the internal hardware. Continue Reading:>>