In recent times, the technology of motion tracking has flourished so much in the marketed and as the product like Nike FuelBand have proved themselves to be appraisable mobiles have also accompanied them in the race of popularity and fitness gaining accessories as people are getting more fitness conscious. Technology is definitely a blessing and it keeps proving itself in different forms and shapes like now it’s possible to convert a smart phone into useful activity tracker by using the correct app and hardware ,living example is Fitbit for iOS latest app update combining with iPhone5s. This is Apple's brand new gadget that was made available in September and up till now it has been sold in record-breaking numbers. But before we start drooling over its valuable gold casing and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the things which made it such a popular device are basically the internal hardware. The credit of being the first Smartphone to support a 64-bit processor goes to it and Apple also facilitated it with an M7 motion co-processor. Many quad-core lovers are addicted to the ways of Cupertino opting for a dual-core chip, and the motion coprocessor is helpful in creating better and much efficient systems, divided in different tasks. Now-a-Days fitness tracking apps are hugely dependent on motion sensing and the creators behind these utilities are very quick in capitalizing the advanced and upgraded innards. Fitbit has come up with a new idea. Just like Nike FuelBand, it has introduced its own hardware along with supplementary iOS app. Now the idea it has brought is that the consumer first has to buy the wearable gadget and afterwards download the mentioned software companion which is available on the app store. Now in order to tempt the consumer and make its services interesting, the application has been updated generously with an added feature, Mobile Tracking - this feature has brought the base-level tracking so comfortably in your iPhone5s. Motion coprocessor enables you to gain benefits of a FitBit device and you don’t need to bother about going out and stumping up for it. Another plus point is that no additional battery life is lost and you are able to keep a track of the number of calories you are burning without worrying about running your device along with your energy. However this app does not offer all the features of Fitbit tracker. But what it is providing is a tater and it’s free of cost. It also works with the new iPads and M7 Motion coprocessor. Check it out through the link given below. (Downloa Fitbit for iOS on App Store
This is Apple’s brand new gadget that was made available in September and up till now it has been sold in record-breaking numbers. But before we start drooling over its valuable gold casing and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the things which made it such a popular device are basically the internal hardware. Continue Reading:>>

how to fix failed to fetch cydia If you’ve already gone for the new Evasion iOS7 jailbreak then surely you’ll be facing lots of ‘Failed to fetch’ errors and complains of server being overloaded that seem to fill out in the debug every time refresh is requested. This is something that can become a headache but now the solution is available. Continue Reading:>>

touch id iphone 5s Evad3rs has released iOS7 jailbreak and now we all are excited and eager to know about the next and important tweak on the iPhone 5s. Well people have been looking forward to Apple, to add this while releasing iOS7, but this wish doesn’t seem to be getting granted , at least not in iOS7.1. So this job is left to be done by jailbreak clan and they won’t be making us wait for long. Continue Reading:>>

ios 7 jailbreak imageThe unexpected release of Evasi0n 7 started jailbreak drama along with the comprehension of piracy on the Chinese jailbreak store, TaiG, but all came to an end. Continue Reading:>>

record iphone screen video on ios 7iOS7 jailbreak has now been released publically and is within everyone’s reach, now we might be seeing some new and innovative developments regarding Cydia. CoolStar’sRecordMyScreen is one amongst the few that has managed to grab our attention. It is the specifically upgraded version for iOS7. Continue Reading:>>

ios 7 cydia Last week’s big news is certainly the release of iOS jailbreak, but deep inside we all long for Cydia to upgrade itself to resemble like iOS7. The rumor of upgrade to Cydia was surely wandering in the town but it’s wiered that its icon was not updated. Surrounded by so many stylish and flat icons, Cydia’s stands like a sightless being amongst the eyes holders, on the home screen. Continue Reading:>>

teleza device States like China, uses Dual-SIM smart phones in daily life, it has become a part of their lives. Various local Chines manufacturers are offering low-price devices that look really expensive they work as dual-SIM smartphones, anytime. Such devices are very hard to find in America and European countries, but when found, they benefit the user in a very good way. James Sung, the creator of dual-SIM case, became aware of these benefits and he has now introduced a new device called, Teleza, which according to him, will fulfill our dual-SIM requirements. Continue Reading:>>

ios 7 untethered jailbreak Evasion 7 iOS 7-7.0.4 jailbreak has been released. You can find a video tutorial here, on how can you jailbreak iOS7 with the help of iOS 7.0.4 on all iPod touch and iPhone devices. Continue Reading:>>

sky drive christmas discountPre-Christmas gifts? Well it would come as a surprise for the windows phone users as Microsoft is looking for ways to cheer their customers by offering, the SkyDrive users an online storage service, this season. If the users affirm their claim before this January ends, then they will be prized with 20 GB extra Cloud storage, for free. Continue Reading:>>

google play music for ios 7The journey to get to iOS might have taken much time, but not now, because Apple has finally facilitated the Google Music app with it. After one month of its launch the Google Play Music app has received a very good response, bringing it to the mark with other apps that are made for iOS, also. Continue Reading:>>