Should You Upgrade to Windows 8?

by djshoaib on November 12, 2012 · 0 comments

windows 8 It is Windows 8 upgrade time, or maybe not. Should you upgrade to Windows 8? Determining whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8 probably comes down to a personal choice.

Two types of users

There are really two types of professional PC users. Of course that now includes phone, boxes and pads. Professional type one makes a living off of knowing how to operate a computer well. Professional type two does something really well and needs to use the computer to optimize efficiency. We will conclude with these at the end of this blog. Knowing what you are or your office is critical to deciding whether you should upgrade to Windows 8.

One size does not fit all

In the computer world upgrade means new. It is pretty clear it does not mean better for everyone. A newer more sleek and complicated program is not what a word processor is looking for, usually. Likewise a big personal office computer is not what an on the go salesman is looking for. So you should ask; For me, should I upgrade to Windows 8?

Let me make it easier

Four positives (my opinion)

1. You can make all your devices pretty much in synchronicity. That means when you switch from your laptop to your mobile device it looks and feels the same.

2. This is the least expensive upgrade ever and they will have a bunch of new software applications available through a store.

3. The system works better with Cloud technology.

4. Stored files that get older Windows 8 has a new file opening program that should make that better.

Four negatives (again my opinion)

1. They made it harder to turn on and off.

2. There are major changes in just what keys to press in what order for what function.

3. If you are an experienced pro at desktop, the new will not mesh with old and there is nothing really new.

4. Windows 8 has many advanced modern applications.

Some good things are not good for you.

Sorry about that. For many of us the positives are not even positive, but we most likely are older, no formal computer training and familiarity is more important than new applications. For many working professionals today their first electric type toy had a keyboard attached to it and have a few units of computer science completed. The logic is clear. The choice is fairly clear. If you really want Windows 8, you should already have one. If you just don’t want one, take some time to figure out if you want to upgrade now or later. Sooner or later you should.

About the two types of professionals using the computer, the one that uses it to make a living and the one that has to use it to make a living. The answer to “should you upgrade to Windows 8″ is inescapable for both. You have got to keep up with the competition and if Windows 8 is more advanced than what you have now, get it now.

For the individual personal user. Go ahead and put it off until you have to upgrade to Windows 8. But you might be wise to do it sooner rather than later, instead of falling behind when your office has upgraded. You decide.

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