Sony’s prototype Twin- lens 3D CMOS camera [Video]

by Mr. J on November 27, 2010 · 1 comment

sony 3D CMOS camera imagePrevious year Sony started work on two lenses 3D CMOS camera, now they have revealed the prototype of  the new 3D camera which have the ability to shoot video up to 240fps. This camera is planned to use for professional purposes.

In video the camera is in white case which is the latest 3D camcorder prototype.  Diginfonews; in Tokyo shot the video during a technology exhibition where Sony has participated, as the more detail is not available but one thing is clear that the camera will be pro and expensive. Features: four SxS memory slot, left and right HD-SDI outs, convergence adjustment point.

Sources have proved that the camera will be available by the next year.

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