Apple is known for managing its reputation in the market rather than indulging in some king of competition with other companies. Now the truth is that Apple might not be downgrading as much as compared to Lumias and Samsung Galaxies but putting your fortune in purchasing an Apple product is an intelligent investment. And as […]

Apple’s decision of substituting the name of their iPad with iPad Air has made us all wonder that probably Apple is bringing something new to this device, which was presumed to be known as iPad Pro because Apple’s MacBook range also comprises of Air and Pro versions. And it does make sense that if you […]

Recent arrival of jailbreak for iOS7 has made those tweaks, released last week by Apple mobile ecosystem, more famous and they are getting updated frantically. Its TetherMe today, which is a famous Hotspot app made to be fully compatible for iOS7, also it is boosted by support for the brand new devices having 64-bit A7processor.

Apple has recently started proposing a 32-inch Sharp “4K” Ultra HD LED monitor,in its European Apple online shops. Selling for £3,499.00 or roughly $5,700, the screen has been provided in neighbor European countries as well as U.K, since 30th November. The 32-inchscreen, IGZO display having a resolution of 3840 x 2160 is not obtainable in […]

Now-a-days, one may see people around, determined to get their hands on the latest model of Iphone, however the fact remains that the price is often not affordable for laymen ,and in order to purchase an Iphone, they may have to work for months, without spending much on their basic needs and themselves.

Planning your wedding can be needlessly stressful. Here are five free or inexpensive apps that will simplify budget management, staying in shape, finding accessories and everything in between

Apple’s app Store application is now updated and comes up with the more improved product search capabilities. Here is the detail mentioned on apple official website related to update of app.

Being an Apple fan is like riding a roller coaster. One minute you’re excited about the newest Apple product and you spend hours in line just to have it, and the next you’re cursing the company when your product has a problem. Maybe you accidentally dropped your brand new iPhone 5 and now you have […]

The world takes notice when Apple releases a product, and people have great expectations, built on the consistency of Apple producing top quality products that set the bar extremely high. The Apple brand is synonymous with quality, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. There is something about the brand that people just […]

In the last few months, hundreds of new apps for iPad are released daily. And since now days, iPad is on the verge of becoming a constant companion for everyone, the apps are also gaining immense popularity