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Retina Display is a visual technology the company Apple has developed for screens and monitors on its devices. It refers to a screen resolution so high that the eye cannot see individual pixels at typical viewing distances

Apple and HTC both have declared a global settlement which includes all running lawsuits and license agreement of ten years. In declaration the current and Future patents held to both parties. More over the terms and settlement are confidential.

iPad 2 is out of stock written on above picture shows that Apple is close to release next gen iPad 3, More over leaked components and developers chatter also provide clues that the device is close to release.

iPad 3 is going to release soon a new claims suggest that we are few weeks away from the event for the next gen iPad. Paczkowski of AllThingsD believes that Apple will hold event for the next gen iPad in first week of March which is few weeks away, it is expected that Apple will […]

Apple reveals his full list of its production partners for the first time in the history. The company is familiar for it’s secretive nature and having record of restrictive approach has opened all the details for its suppliers who use to manufacture devices for them.

iPhone 4S launched few weeks ago and got good popularity across the globe, in start iPhone 4S is available to US only. Now Apple’s iPhone 4S is available in 22 more countries.

iPhone 4S launched by Apple last week and till now 1 million units are sold, in start it is available in 7 countries. Typically Apple will sell it’s product to limited countries to minimize the earlier issues if arise.

Regardless of the ongoing legal battles between the Apple and Samsung, it seems Cupertino firm has decided to stick with the Korean electronics for production of upcoming A6 processor.

All pre-orders of iPhone 4S are sold out for three U.S carriers, Apple announced that 1 million iPhone 4S had sold over the launch weekend, of which 200,000 of these orders goes to AT&T.

A news came through the Apple support representative regarding the pre-order of the new iPhone 4S, it will began at 12:01AM PST on October 7th. Apple  have divide the countries in two groups where orders are going to start  from October 7 for new iPhone 4S in US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK […]