Whenever you switch to a new cell phone, the biggest problem faced is leaving the old valuable data behind in your previous phone. But we have progressed so much in the smartphone technology that this problem is not more and attention seeker now as the third party provides you solutions to overcome this trouble though […]

Google Glass is getting famous with every passing day, though it has some shortcomings. Technology is taking over everything used in daily routine, off course this was not the case earlier. Let us introduce to the new Google Glass app, specifically generated for drivers. It does not let you doze off during long drives in […]

This is Apple’s brand new gadget that was made available in September and up till now it has been sold in record-breaking numbers. But before we start drooling over its valuable gold casing and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the things which made it such a popular device are basically the internal hardware.

Gilt Taste for iPad

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Gilt Group is an e-commerce site famous for all things high end, including recipes and gourmet goodies. The culinary experts at Gilt have now designed an iPad app known as Gilt Taste, which offers lots of high quality treats

Bathrooms are a necessity, and you probably spend more time in the bathroom than you realize or care to admit. With the innovative technology available at your fingertips, you can find an app for just about anything, and bathrooms are no exception

The golden egg that everyone is looking for when developing a smart phone app, is that one idea that no one else has thought of.The idea doesn’t have to be brand-new, it can be another way of looking at an old application all the main thing, to fulfil a users needs.Below are five ideas that […]

Google is going to release native Android App that will be similar in working like Android Game Center: reported by Businessinsider.

Splashtop come up with the Win8 Metro on iOS app that allows iPad users to run Metro UI of Windows 8. Still Controlling Metro UI with mouse and keyboard? Stop! with the help of Splashtop Application you can use Windows 8 Metro UI on you iPad.

The other day a pretty important thing happened. Android users finally got the opportunity to use Instagram on their devices. I’m not exactly sure that exactly took so long to make the app for the Android user, but we got it so we can try to forgive

GPS technology has made leaps and bounds with the introduction of mobile devices. With many users utilizing the versatility of apps for their mobile phones, app creators have created a vast collection of innovative apps for use with GPS