In the last few months, hundreds of new apps for iPad are released daily. And since now days, iPad is on the verge of becoming a constant companion for everyone, the apps are also gaining immense popularity

Upon its launch, the first Sony PlayStation revolutionized console gaming. After tasting success with the first PlayStation, Sony did equally well with their follow-up console, the PS2

2012 has been a great year for Android apps. In addition to old favorites, a number of new entries have made their way to the Google Play Store. Most of these apps have free versions available, meaning there’s no reason that an Android owner shouldn’t at least give these great apps a chance.

There are many apps available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry which have been developed and designed to improve the quality of life of visually impaired and blind people, either by making the phone itself easier to use or by delivering an innovative service. Here are some excellent examples of apps available for download.

Here is new tweak that I found very awesome named as “Icon Rotator” developed by Rayan Petrich. Icon Rotator is a new iPhone app that will make you device icon rotatable depending on your device orientation.  It will not affect your swipe orientation, icons goes with the way application icons are oriented in a direction […]

With more than 35000 apps currently available from the Apple store, it can be something of a challenge for iPhone users to work out which are the very best. In short, how are you supposed to tell which apps are worth your attention and which ones you can safely ignore? Last year, the Sunday Times […]

To you, your android handheld device could be nothing but a tool for communication, but your kids know all too well that it is a haven for entertainment.

With the release of the newest iPhone, the smart technology is now in more hands than ever. If this is your first time with a cell phone that’s capable of doing more than making phone calls, it can be overwhelming. After you’ve updated all your contacts and found a background you like, you might be […]

You must seen a lot of interesting things regarding iPhone’s ability but the thing which I am going to tell you is something different. Park4U, a recently released app for which will help you while you are parking the car, it means you can now park your car through iPhone.

Enter your expenses with an innovative slider. For those people who want to know how much they are spending daily, MobiApps has introduced a new App “Touch Expense”. This app allows you to check your daily & monthly expenses. Insert and tracking your daily expenses has never been faster and enjoyable. Navigate between days easily […]