As the global economy gets bigger and more complex, handling a project is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. Collaborating with team members across different countries is a common sight these days and project managers often have to stay on top of their game, even when they are away from their office desk. Thankfully, there are […]

Have you decided you don’t wish to spend the evening indoors watching some boring sitcom playing on TV? Want to head out with your mates but don’t know where to go? Is planning a night out something that you’re totally hopeless at? Well, worry not. Just reach out for your iPhone and you’ll find plenty […]

What do you use your iPad for at the moment? Would you get excited if I told you it’s easy to use it to spend all your money shopping? First you will need to find out about some of the great shopping apps out there, so let’s take a good look at them right now.

The burst and boom of electronic and social media has turned into a huge platform for spreading of information. Now, that has its pros and cons, depending on the side you endorse

Whether you dream of becoming the next Bob Vila, or you aren’t sure what tools you need in your toolbox, you’ll find an app that you can use. The designers behind some of the more popular home improvement apps know that working around the house is tricky

One of the best aspects of owning a smartphone is that you can do just about anything you can imagine with it. This is thanks to the variety of apps you can install on the device. You can keep yourself entertained, stay on top of your finances, keep productive and much more

Planning your wedding can be needlessly stressful. Here are five free or inexpensive apps that will simplify budget management, staying in shape, finding accessories and everything in between

Due to the hectic and stressful lifestyles that we all live today, it has become all the more important to ensure that we manage to stay as fit as possible, in whatever meager time we are left with by the end of the day. Staying fit and healthy is definitely not rocket science – just […]

Some of the original smartphones that were perfect for productivity were made by BlackBerry. The company was a market leader in smartphones and was the perfect tool for organization for businesses and individuals alike. While some other smartphone brands have increased in popularity

In the last few months, hundreds of new apps for iPad are released daily. And since now days, iPad is on the verge of becoming a constant companion for everyone, the apps are also gaining immense popularity