Some of the original smartphones that were perfect for productivity were made by BlackBerry. The company was a market leader in smartphones and was the perfect tool for organization for businesses and individuals alike. While some other smartphone brands have increased in popularity

The tech gadgets for 2013 are expected to be highly impressive. These devices will take gadgetry to a level that people have not seen before. Convenience is a primary concern of designers this season

A report published by Fortune has brought about some positive news on the state of the Apple iPhone production line. The factory that produces the iPhone 5

iPhone and iPod Touch users may just find joy and salvation from yet another amazing innovation in chargers. The reinvention of iPhone and iPod Touch charger that JuiceBuddy will be launching very soon has consumers anticipating its arrival. Dubbed by its creators as the world’s smallest and most portable charger, the model provides numerous advantages […]

Take your training to the new level with the Motorola Motoactv GPS watch and MP3 player for running and cycling.Anyone who has been running or cycling for any length of time will have encountered some kind of sports watch or training computer. Made in all shapes and sizes, there are an array of gizmos and […]

Dull or lifeless desktop wallpaper is unlikely to inspire willing engagement with your computer, but luckily there are many different options within desktop management software to brighten and personalize your screen

In a tech-fuelled world it can be tough to admit that you do not really understand contemporary gadgets or why they might be worth buying.

There are a lot of gadgets out there that we use for productivity, for work, for making sure that we do our work, for tracking the time that we spend on our work…but what gadgets do you have that make you feel like you did when you were a kid, playing with your Tonka trucks […]

Leaving for college is a big step in the life of every young adult. While the transition to college can be quite difficult, it is made much easier if you take the right items with you. Having the correct technological gadgets with you will allow you to be more productive and reduce the stress of […]

In the past ten years, we have seen a huge leap in technological advancements. Suddenly, the changes in technology become faster and it became hard to keep track of the latest machines, gadgets, appliances and software.