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Technology could perhaps be the most underrated thing in the world! Despite being surrounded by it in every sphere of our life, most people go about merrily not knowing the impact that technology has made on our lives and how it has facilitated ease

iOS7 jailbreak has now been released publically and is within everyone’s reach, now we might be seeing some new and innovative developments regarding Cydia. CoolStar’sRecordMyScreen is one amongst the few that has managed to grab our attention. It is the specifically upgraded version for iOS7.

Being an Apple fan is like riding a roller coaster. One minute you’re excited about the newest Apple product and you spend hours in line just to have it, and the next you’re cursing the company when your product has a problem. Maybe you accidentally dropped your brand new iPhone 5 and now you have […]

It is a matter of time before excluding the policy of Sim locking from the national carriers marketing techniques. This kind of policy ensures the mobile network that the customer won’t migrate to another mobile network during the contract

In PCs or laptops, it is easy to capture the image in the screen with the ever famous ‘Alt+Prt Sc’ or ‘Fn+Prt Sc’. Recording is easy as well with free and easy to use downloadable programs that will let you record your screen as you perform a couple of operations

If you are a keen cyclist who takes your cycling seriously, then the chances are that you use a Garmin Edge cycling GPS device. The most popular product in the large Garmin range is the Edge 800 which lets you track, train, and analyze your rides – in fact, the Team Garmin Tour de France […]

iPhones and iPads are incredibly versatile little devices and this is largely what makes them so impressive. With an iPhone you really do have a device that can replace all your other items – it’s a productivity tool, a portable games console, an MP3 player, a video player, a web browser, a sat nav, a […]

Touch screens can be found everywhere in today’s modern world from the cash machine at the local super market to the smart phones and mp3 players that we carry around with us every day! The technology seems to have come from nowhere, so where exactly did it come from??

BlackBerrys are great phones, whether you use them for business or as a personal phone. They’ve come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, with the Blackberry Torch stepping up as the first Blackberry to truly combine work and play with its touchscreen and upgraded social media platform

Jailbreak of Apple Tv is not as simple and straight forward. if the device does not show any Cydia icon for new apps installation and tweaks from different repos then aTV Flash comes in.