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Apple’s iPhone is not simply a tool for making and receiving phone calls. It is a great all in one device that can allow you to stay organized, productive, entertained and so much more

Here is new tweak that I found very awesome named as “Icon Rotator” developed by Rayan Petrich. Icon Rotator is a new iPhone app that will make you device icon rotatable depending on your device orientation.  It will not affect your swipe orientation, icons goes with the way application icons are oriented in a direction […]

MyNature has released a new App to calculate the weight of the fish called MyNature Fish Weight Calculator, 1.3 for iPhone and Android. In this app you just need to measure the length and girth of your fish and enter those two values in the app and will give you the result that is within […]

With the release of the newest iPhone, the smart technology is now in more hands than ever. If this is your first time with a cell phone that’s capable of doing more than making phone calls, it can be overwhelming. After you’ve updated all your contacts and found a background you like, you might be […]

GrageBand for iPhone is just released by Apple in App store. This update for has been applied to iPad app and also available to iPhone and iPod touch.

For the iPhone Drivia apps are barely a limited source, although Drivia is a fresh app that obtains that trouble-free sound out set-up and sets a special twist on it.

You must seen a lot of interesting things regarding iPhone’s ability but the thing which I am going to tell you is something different. Park4U, a recently released app for which will help you while you are parking the car, it means you can now park your car through iPhone.

You may be familier with Kazaa the former peer-to-peer file sharing app now they have released a legit music streaming app for iOS. The application will allow you to stream millions of songs, discover music at your finger tips, play music even you are offline and much more features are included.

Facebook messenger is now available in U.K for iOS devices, previously this is only available to US users but now U.K can use messenger for social activities. this messenger is available in U.K App Store for free.

Enter your expenses with an innovative slider. For those people who want to know how much they are spending daily, MobiApps has introduced a new App “Touch Expense”. This app allows you to check your daily & monthly expenses. Insert and tracking your daily expenses has never been faster and enjoyable. Navigate between days easily […]