Last year iPhone 4 was the big release on the festival where Apple come with the next gen Smartphone, and before the release we are fully loaded with the mixture of rumors regarding the leaked hardware’s and cases.

Most of the iPhone user criticizes its design, the closed case in which the user cannot change the battery. Due to which several multiple cases got generated to support the inbuilt power of the iPhone’s weak battery life. But in iPhone 4 they improve in the power department from the past models, but still it […]

Apple is going to Launch white iPhone 4 tomorrow in 28 countries, with 16 and 32 GB memory, for the same price as the black iPhone 4 have. Now the question is that Why Apple took 10 months to launch this mysterious iPhone 4? Here is the Answer…

iPhone 4, the phone that changed everything is now finally coming to Verizon Wireless. Apple through it’s Official site has confirmed the dates for pre-orders which are the February 3rd for the existing Verizon customers

You may have seen many Knock offs of iPhone 4 from china, although most of them looks quite similar to iPhone 4 but they were not; somehow they differ from the original one because of different interface, sim card slot, battery etc. But this one is SoPhone

A Japanese blog named jurilog has posted amazing photo taken by the new iPhone 4. It’s the “Fly me to moon on iPhone 4”. Most of you would think that star watching is very hard work, infact it is, but not in this case.

Did you ever think of having two SIMs in your iPhone 4, of course either hacked or factory unlocked and has ability to run any carrier SIM?  USBFever accessories provider has comes up with a solution,

I found a new and interesting thing to share with you. It’s the Retina Display(960 x 640) wallpaper which is fully optimized for iPhone 4, on which you can see the internal circuit board of iPhone 4 in great detail.

Nowadays there are lots of accessories available for iPhone 4, some of them help in getting extra functionality and some just give them a great look. You may know about Xtand accessory for iPhone 4, 3G and iPod touch if you don’t then let me tell you about it

As the technology is getting advance day by day, companies are getting more into competition and due to this not only the products are getting rich with features but also the size of the products are decreasing day by day. This helps the end users alot because the products are getting slim and hence can […]