While Apple has not given any details regarding its supposed plans to release its version of a television set, the amount of rumors surrounding its existence have been ramping up. Understandably, Apple has been coy about giving any details for its product

After a long series of Beta version of iTunes Apple has officially released iTunes 10.5.1 to public. ITunes 10.5.1 is available on Apple’s website and compatible with Mac and Windows users. Alongside with 10.5.1 Apple is releasing iTunes Match to US people after a delay of week. iTune Match requires iTunes new version 10.5.1 and […]

Orange, one of the familiar name in the carrier’s of UK brings a surprising initiative for their customer. Orange UK is now offering free movie a week to customer’s via itunes on iPhone,iPad,ipod and Apple Tv.

Apple has released beta version of iTunes, iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 after the release of iOS 5 beta 5 earlier this morning.Those who ware not interested in updating iOS 5 beta 5,Apple suggests first to update iTunes 10.5 beta 4 and then update iTunes 5 beta 5.

Apple is now working hard on iTunes ecosystem over the last few weeks. AppAdvice is reporting that Apple is working on launch of new iTunes with the feature “iTunes Reply”. The main feature of this is to allow users to redownload purchased movies to multiple device and stream video on iCloud.

iOS 5 beta 2 version for developers released, includes Wi-Fi sync as it is promised at WWDC, and restore of icloud backup is included. Disclaimer: iOS 5 beta 2 is  only available  to developers for pre-testing, those who have Apple developer Accounts. So in this case installing iOS 5 beta 2 is illegal.

At this WWDC 2011 Apple announced their new service iCloud, through Cloud they are going to give the users a very new and different kind of syncing and storage for iOS devices and iTunes, iCloud takes what MobileMe started and promises to turn it into something both useful and that actually works without having the […]

After a few weeks of Apple iTunes 10.2.1 release, now the iTunes 10.2.2 arrives for both Windows and Mac containing a number of bugs fixed in this update. But this iTunes update is more of a performance and stability enhancer release.

Recently Apple had announced the updated version of iTunes, iTunes 10.2 and now they announced that the iTunes 10.2.1 can also be used for both Windows and Mac.

After the great success of the Apple App Store which provides services for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad now Apple is going to launch its Mac App Store for their Mac lovers. The Mac App Store is just like the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.