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Apple now released a new beta version of iOS 6.1 to developers for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).As the current beta which is 6.1 expires on Monday and widely expected that apple would release GM or 5th beta by this week. iPSW if available for developer to download at developer center

There are a few things that shake the online world, and these things tend to come around every couple of years or so. Undoubtedly, one technological event which makes the World Wide Web stand still is an Apple hardware announcement. When new technologies such as the Macbook Air or the iPad were first unveiled to […]

A new product is launched by Brookstone a Spy tank which is controlled by an iOS app through its own Wi-Fi, Tank have built-in microphone adjustable camera that can take Photo and record video.

According to New York Post , Apple is about to face a new competitor in the tablet market, after the success of kindle e reader now Amazon is jumping into the tablet world.

Here is a new infographic showing difference between iOS and Android users in which they have discussed core demographics, Personality Life Experience and much more.

Apple has released iOS 5 beta 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is just after two weeks of iOS beta 4. According to Apple, users who are interested in installing iOS 5 beta 5 they first backup their data using iCloud.

People are demanding more and more improvement in iOS 5. There are many abstract ideas to make Apple improve the iOS notification handling. At present absolutely new video is available showing el-Jobs and co. and presenting us ways in which they will handle the voice recognition in mobile.

Apple has released New version of iOS 4.3.3 update for iPod touch 4G/3G, iPhone, iPad. This update contains the minor update to mainly fix the bug related to tracking of location which was found is previous iOS 4.x.

As U.S Army soldiers are going to get some operating system to get connected with each others and their families according to Wired, for that they are thinking about Google’s Android.

As in the previous post we have discussed about the Chrome OS features along with the machine. Google Cr-48 is released for testing but on the very first day of testing  it is disassembled by one the guy.