If someone asks about my opinion about Samsung Galaxy S5, then i won’t hesitate to express my disappointment and disapproval. It’s nothing more than a mere upgrade of previous year’s Galaxy S4. However the likes of Samsung and those crazy Galaxy fans still desire this new piece of technology,and undoubtedly it will sustain its record […]

Technology is always given a push forward whenever CES announces its new products and with Pebble’s steel smart watch and Samsung’s curved TV sets along with other inventions, Sony has decided to announce something big regarding its mobile series. Sony has entered the scene once again with a new and different mobile product.

Just when you thought your smartphone had an app for everything, someone just has to surprise you. Alcohoot have created the world’s first smartphone breathalyser app. We’ve all been in that situation before – just popped out for one drink, but you’re having such a good time, and you end up having a couple

Some of the original smartphones that were perfect for productivity were made by BlackBerry. The company was a market leader in smartphones and was the perfect tool for organization for businesses and individuals alike. While some other smartphone brands have increased in popularity

It is fact that the use of gadgets has increased immensely in last few years. There are various reasons behind this increase in use. The most two common reasons are the development in the technology and the available of gadgets at affordable rates due to these recent advancements

It is Windows 8 upgrade time, or maybe not. Should you upgrade to Windows 8? Determining whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8 probably comes down to a personal choice.

iPhone Covers and Cases

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When you have a new phone it’s always the same story, you say you won’t drop it or scratch it, you’ll look after this one. When you look at your old one however

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is among us and causing frenzy. Outshining the iPhone 4S considerably, the new smart phone holds an array of innovative features, plus a chic and stunning design. Is this the best phone ever?

Smartphones’ ability to be used as more than just a phone has been a huge reason why they have begun to replace conventional cellphones of the past in everyone’s pockets throughout the recent years. Aside from mobile internet, email, and word processing

The power smartphone user is going to be taking a long luscious look at the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is one of the most waited-for smartphones in recent months. It is sporting many of the things that would make even a critical person happy. The screen is top notch and the Android system inside runs […]