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The Steve Jobs Movie

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The lives of legends are like great movies in themselves; movies which are produced and directed for us but which we have to edit ourselves through our own mind’s eyes. Rather than being presented to us on a cinema screen over a 90 minute duration, the scenes are played through news and radio broadcasts, YouTube […]

He was a visionary for the future of technology.  He created the belief of others who had a dream beyond a college education and he proved it beyond a doubt.  For Apple followers there was grave hope that there could even be more innovations after Steve Jobs passed away. Many became concerned with their personal […]

Steve Jobs the founder of Apple has been the subject of tons of news on different platforms. And now to give more exposure to his leadership and business skills a movie with the name “Jobs” is going to direct. Starring includes Ashton Kutcher as Jobs and with other crew for the movie. Producer of the […]

Attack Life the Apple Way!

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The death of Steve Jobs at the age of 56 was undoubtedly a sombre event in the world of consumer technology

As now a days iPhone is thing, which everyone is talking about and everyone wants to be first one to know about its latest update. Steve Jobs was a person who had devoted his life for Apple He is the one who turned our personal computer use as easy as our cell phones. His name […]

Apple held a special event last week at Cupertino campus to celebrate Steve Jobs life. This event was streamed all over the world to Apple employees and apple posted the video for every one to watch. You can Stream video Directly from  Apple’s website.

A new tribute song for Steve Jobs is composed by the Timeflies, You can see the full Lyrics of that song here “All of this was shot on an iPad 2 and edited using iMovie, recorded, mixed, and mastered on an iMac. The beat was made using samples from OSX and iOS – everything on […]

We seen alot of different things paying tribute to the great Apple’s Steve Jobs, but what you’re going to see here is just amazing.

Recently Business Week has recently posted an detailed profile of Scott Forstall, who is the Senior Vice President of iOS Software of Apple. He may be the best person after Steve Job, Forstall now 42 working as the head of the system iOS in the Apple device which comprise of 70% of Apple income.

Apple have made lot of changes, first Steve Jobs replaced by Tim cook as a new CEO for Apple and then the death news of Jobs a day after iPhone 4S launch which is shocking for Apple and it’s Lovers. As this news shocked us as well because we Love Jobs due to his innovation, […]