Technology could perhaps be the most underrated thing in the world! Despite being surrounded by it in every sphere of our life, most people go about merrily not knowing the impact that technology has made on our lives and how it has facilitated ease

Migration downtime can be a killer, but maybe not so much if you are only moving software applications to the cloud when other employees at you firm are at home eating their evening meal

Earlier this year I discovered to my amazement that I could travel from London Victoria to Brussels, Belgium for only £10 (that’s about $20 for US readers). Now to me that was pretty amazing, and I was even more astonished by the fact that I could go to a range of other places for about […]

Having a high tech home is something that can bring a lot of geeky pleasure, and it’s a great feeling when anything opens, closes or lights up automatically demonstrating how technology has given you dominium over all you survey.

There is something incredibly rewarding about DIY. When you change your home in a way that you improve your home through sheer ingenuity and complete a job with your own bare hands it suddenly feels a million times better than if you were to do the same job by paying a professional or buying something […]

Apple watchers looking for clues about iPhone 6 software have their eyes fixed on the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters like Vatican newspaper reporters waiting for the puff of white smoke over the Sistine Chapel that signals the selection of a new pope

The tech gadgets for 2013 are expected to be highly impressive. These devices will take gadgetry to a level that people have not seen before. Convenience is a primary concern of designers this season

Video games are no longer what they used to be. Constant developments in the field have taken gaming to an entirely new level that gives gamers an experience like never before

The mere thought is enough to have our stomachs filled with butterflies and whirlwinds of excitement. Planned for Christmas 2013, the new Xbox is just a year away

It is Windows 8 upgrade time, or maybe not. Should you upgrade to Windows 8? Determining whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8 probably comes down to a personal choice.