When you first designed your office layout, there were probably a few things that went into the design you eventually settled on. You probably thought about the size of the space for instance and how best to maximize the room so that people could move around it. You probably thought about how you could make […]

Having an iPad opens up a whole world of options to you when traveling. In the past, many would opt to be disconnected from the online world while traveling because a laptop computer is not always easy to cart around

If you have your own holiday cottage you don’t want to keep too much things there. When you’re not around anything could happen to them and it’s not like the world is full of people who don’t steal

For those of you who are looking to purchase a new laptop it 2012, an Ultrabook is the way to go. Intel ‘created’ the word Ultrabook to describe a laptop that is small in size, portable and lightweight, yets still maintains high specifications and fast processing speeds

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that is being lauded by many people who are busy predicting the future of payment technology or, more importantly, making sure that the future is shaped in its favour.

Technology is moving very fast as we see lots of new innovations on daily basis. Recently one new innovation made by the UK researchers is a “Chocolate Printer”. You might be wondering if this is true?

Bring two designs on same shirt with Photosynthesis UV-Sensitive Shirt, this shirt looks like a old T shirt but when sun light hits the front side it changes the design infact a different design altogether, this is entirely due to special print treatment. Like the T Shirt in the picture if you are inside the […]

From the ordinary phone to smartphones, now its time to take a flight into future and get in to the world of Paper Phone. Yep it’s available now, although its just a prototype now.

As U.S Army soldiers are going to get some operating system to get connected with each others and their families according to Wired, for that they are thinking about Google’s Android.

An analyst from Taiwan, Ming Chi-Kuo, recently did some prediction regarding Apple iPad 2. According to the Apple Insider this particular analyst is making the usual prediction about iPad 2.