Mac has been gaining popularity recently; however, Windows is still the highest rating operating system, especially for businesses.  If you have applications only available for Windows, or you want to play computer games that are not available for OS, there are several ways Mac can run them for you

Windows Phone 8 is the highly anticipated operating system from tech giant Microsoft. Windows 8 is widely seen as Microsoft’s last chance to gain a foothold in the highly competitive smartphone operating system market

It is Windows 8 upgrade time, or maybe not. Should you upgrade to Windows 8? Determining whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8 probably comes down to a personal choice.

Contrary to popular belief, your web-browser isn’t the most powerful application on your computer your operating system Microsoft Windows is

It’s a fact of life that your computer needs an antivirus, whether all you do is check your e-mail and play a few games or if you spend just about every waking minute online

There are a few things that shake the online world, and these things tend to come around every couple of years or so. Undoubtedly, one technological event which makes the World Wide Web stand still is an Apple hardware announcement. When new technologies such as the Macbook Air or the iPad were first unveiled to […]

We are all being currently told that we are in a recession and money is tight, so if you are about to spend money on app development, then you need to spend your money wisely on the correct smartphone app platform

After a long series of Beta version of iTunes Apple has officially released iTunes 10.5.1 to public. ITunes 10.5.1 is available on Apple’s website and compatible with Mac and Windows users. Alongside with 10.5.1 Apple is releasing iTunes Match to US people after a delay of week. iTune Match requires iTunes new version 10.5.1 and […]

According to ZDNet’s Report, Microsoft’s Widows 8 personal computer operating system will enter to manufacturing phase in April 2012.

After a few weeks of Apple iTunes 10.2.1 release, now the iTunes 10.2.2 arrives for both Windows and Mac containing a number of bugs fixed in this update. But this iTunes update is more of a performance and stability enhancer release.