The Most Popular Websites of 2012

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facebook logoAs the amount of web traffic grows, most of it is directed to the top internet pages. According to the Californian based Alexa Internet, there are plenty of well known sites at the top of the list and a few that you may never have heard of.



Top of the list provided by Alexa, which publishes data on web-trends regularly, is the internet giant, Google. Google offers a wide variety of internet pages which means that visitors keep coming back. According to Alexa, itself a division of another web colossus – Amazon, Google’s famous search engine page comes second in popularity to the gmail service it offers. Almost one third of the hits Google records are generated from within the United States. Other popular pages that add to Google’s number one status include Google Translate, an innovative language translation service, and Google Maps.


Accounting for second place on Alexa’s list of most popular websites is Facebook, which was only launched as recently as 2004. According Alexa’s statistics, search engines will refer about five percent of their traffic to pages held under Facebook’s banner. The social networking service may be second to Google, but it appears to retain visitors for a longer time. Alexa’s figures state that the average visit to Facebook lasts 27 logo


If you think of an internet video providing service, it is probable you will think of YouTube, such is its dominance in the marketplace. Third on Alexa’s list of trending websites, YouTube has a high proportion of visits that are of a unique nature. The average YouTube visitor will take in a massive 12.4 unique pages per day, according to their data.


A competitor to the number-one rated web company, Yahoo sits fourth of Alexa’s list. With services that are designed to wean internet users away from Google, Yahoo’s fourth position on the global list of websites, matches it placing for visits generated within the US. Nevertheless, Yahoo is the number one website in Taiwan. Yahoo attracts a slightly older demographic, according to Alexa, than both Facebook and Google.


Ranked fifth worldwide by Alexa, but number on in the People’s Republic of China, Baidu is the leading Chinese language search engine site. However, it retains visitors by providing plenty of content in its own right, including movies and MP3 audio. Baidu was the first Chinese website to embrace mobile internet, developing WAP and PDA services. However, according to Bloomberg, shares in the internet giant have been showing that some investors doubt Baidu’s ability to turn a logo


The Rest of The Top Ten

Alexa’s top five might surprise some regular internet users. After all, where are the more familiar internet brands that North Americans and Europeans are used to? Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia is sixth on the global list, but only ranked seventh in America. Windows Live, which has well established internet pages, is seventh worldwide, although it is ranked higher in Mexico. The retail giant Amazon is listed eighth by Alexa, whilst Twitter, the micro-blogging service, comes in at tenth. Alexa says that another Chinese site is ranked ninth globally. QQ is a web portal that encompasses large number of internet services, such as instant messaging, email, forums and entertainment. According to Alexa, its online shopping platform integrates seamlessly with its other services, making it one to watch out for in 2013.

The Language Of The Internet

English language sites dominate the top ten web pages in Alexa’s list. Only two out of the ten are not aimed at English speakers and both of those are Chinese sites. However, the same cannot be said of the next ten on the list. Google India is the next non-English site listed for popularity, coming in at fourteenth. Google India offers services in English as well as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil. It is the second most popular site in India, following twitter logo

There is a further Chinese website, Sina, that is listed at sixteenth place, whilst two Japanese sites, Yahoo Japan and Google Japan, are at fifteenth and eighteenth place, respectively. Almost all of the traffic associated with the sites is generated from within Japan. Only one other website that is designed for another language gets into the top twenty of Alexa’s list. Yandex is a Russian service that has been running since 1997. According to Bloomberg shares in Yandex are gaining momentum as it builds up revenue from advertising and continues to eat into Google’s hold in the Russian speaking world.

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