The Upcoming Xbox: What We Can Expect

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xbox logoThe mere thought is enough to have our stomachs filled with butterflies and whirlwinds of excitement. Planned for Christmas 2013, the new Xbox is just a year away. Oh what a Christmas that will be! It’s almost been eight years since the release of the Xbox 360 and ten years since the introduction of the original Xbox. Whether it’s called Xbox 720, Xbox 3 or a completely random name, here is what we can expect from the upcoming console.

Ultra HD (UHDV)

Touted to be the replacement for the current high-definition screen resolutions, Ultra HD (UHDV) is one technological advancement tech geeks worldwide are eagerly anticipating. It is expected to be available via the upcoming Xbox.

Ultra HD will use a whopping 7,680 x 4,320 pixels in a widescreen aspect ratio of 16×9. To put that into context, a good HDTV currently sees resolutions of around 1920 x 1080.

It’s fair to say that UHDV will see incredibly sharper screens.

Improvement of 360 Games

It has been rumoured that the new Xbox will improve the current crop of Xbox 360 games by improving a variety of their aspects.

This implementation of what Microsoft call ‘forward compatibility’, into their next console creation will increase the draw distance, textures, graphics and frame rate of Xbox 360 titles.

Improved Hardware

After the Xbox 360’s pretty dreadful RROD problem that scarred its hardware, a more reliable system is believed to be in store in their next-gen console. It’s the least fans expect. This time around it is expected that Microsoft will be putting more emphasis on testing the system before releasing the console.


It is rumoured that the new console’s GPUs system will be provided by ATI-AMD. The provider of graphics, processors and media has a long and illustrious tech history and produced the 360s custom graphics chip known as Xenos.

Complete Entertainment

Following the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update and the addition of a plethora of apps to the 360, including Facebook, YouTube, Crackle and ESPN, we’re expecting the next-gen console to push this transition further.

According to the horse’s mouth, Microsoft intend to make the new Xbox an all-round entertainment hub. Expect to see a one-system platform to access movies, television, gaming and music with the Xbox 720, similar to Microsoft’s XBMC Android.

Digital Gaming

According to rumours, the next-gen Xbox will support digital based gaming, which will allow users to download high-quality, full length games. It is believed that this move will be made to support smaller, lower budget titles however, and the top games should still be available on Blu-ray disk format.

Are we missing a rumour? If you know anything about the upcoming Xbox that we don’t, please let us know!

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