Top 10 Apps For Coupons And Deals

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coupon appsThere are literally hundreds of apps for coupons and deals, but there are only a handful that can be considered the best if you want to save the most money with the least amount of effort. The following apps give you points for walking into a store, record your coupons and make it easy to find the best deals without doing a lot of work.


This is one of the most unique deal apps for both iOS and Android devices. Unlike most other apps that show you deals, this one gives you points for walking into certain stores like Best Buy and Target. You can use these points to save money on your purchase or to get certain rewards.


Do you have a hard time keeping track of your discount codes? This is the extreme couponer’s best friend because you can take a picture of the coupon and the app will record the expiration, terms and conditions and the amount of the discount. It also provides you with reminders if the coupon is about to expire.


This app will show you coupons exclusively for your geographical area. Unlike some apps that show you coupons that may not be supported by your local stores, this app ensures that every deal is applicable in your area. The digital coupons are also scanned just like paper ones by the cashier.

The Coupon App

This app has a huge database of promotional codes and coupons for many large chains. Not only are the coupons updated daily, but you can quickly search for new coupons when you are in the store. Most of the coupons are scanned by a cashier, which ensures that they will always work.

Best Coupons and Deals

If you are tired of being bombarded by promo codes and offers that aren’t applicable to your interests, then you will love Best Coupons and Deals. This app allows you to restrict the deals that will see so that you can quickly find ones that are useful for your shopping needs. You will mostly find discounts for restaurants and clothing stores with this app.


Many large chains have loyalty programs that allow you to collect points when making a purchase, but the associated cards can become overwhelming. This app saves your card information and points so that you can consolidate your collection.

Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper

Extreme couponers often save the most money by combining store sales, manufacturer coupons and coupons from inserts and catalogs. While this app doesn’t supply you with coupons, it will show you when you can combine all of these discounts and promo codes to save the most money.


Many stores offer extra discounts if you bring back your receipt, but most people forget about this for one reason or another. Endorse allows you to scan the code so that you can save the coupon without having to carry around all of your receipts.


This is a barcode scanning app that allows you to quickly find the best price in your local area. Just scan a barcode and ShopSavvy will compare the price against other stores and their online derivatives. Not only that, but you can easily buy the item online through this app.


This is probably the best app for buying technology. The price of hardware is always going down because technology is constantly advancing. This app will help you examine the product’s historical prices so that you can decide whether you should buy it now or wait a few weeks for a much better price.

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