Top 10 iPhone Apps for Travelers

by Mr. J on May 14, 2010 · 2 comments

Apple’s iPhone is the one of the best and popular device on the globe. The reason of its popularity is the quality products with the new innovation. I like Apple’s touch screen technology which is never seen in other cell phone of different companies. Even now some companies have tried to copy but they are of not that much quality. Other thing is that they have many type of new application made by different developers for the ease of all type of users like apps for ladies, kids and especially for business people.

Today I am going to discuss the top 10 best application for travelers.

GateGuru is an app which provides complicated detail about services that are available on different gates at 80 major airports in US. This application will help users who want quick prior to boarding your flight and traveler is not familiar with the airport.

Cheap Gas is the iphone App which helps to locate the lowest priced gas nearest to wherever you are at and then display a map to allocate the exact location. The application has built in GPS feature that will navigate the nearest gas station with the lowest prices. And other feature is that user can search based on zip code and determine whether the fuel is diesel, unleaded or premium unleaded.

This Application is developed by Expense Cloud, which removes the demand to maintain as actual collection of receipts and bills gathered throughout your travels, which led you stop to any misplaced reimbursements. account can be used as to add transactions and receipt images by few clicks and can modify existing expenses.

It is similar like service available at; this application offers detail public transportation direction and advice. Regardless you are traveling by bus, subway, cab or even a pedestrian. And this application will help to get exact direction where you are standing.

Flight Track will help those people who use domestic and international flights together this application will help travelers to keep updated about the flight delays and cancellations for more that 5000 airports worldwide.

FlightCaster is application which tracks each and every information regarding flights. It predicts flight delay and cancellations. Currently this is only available for US domestic flights.

AroundMe is the application to determines your location and show you the closest bank, Gas station, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, Supermarket and many other spots. It also shows a detailed view of listing businesses in a specific category and check how far away from your place.

Urbanspoon is a machine system which determines high quality restaurant and you can try when you are hungry, but not sure what exactly available to eat. Shake you iphone until you find a food of you taste.  It is available only in North America, London, Melbourne and Sydney.

Free Wi-Fi Finder is the application which finds wi-fi. No matter where you are the globe it will use both your iphone GPS feature and network capability to discover free Wi-Fi internet access.

This application allows users to track down their restrooms nearer to your location. You can check the restrooms on map or list categorized by distance and can check which one available. You can also read reviews, rating and even see photos of toilets and then choose of your choice.

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