Top 3 iPhone & iPad Apps For Making Real Printable Flyers

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iphone and ipad appsPrinted flyers have been used for ages by businesses and organizations of all types to get their messages out. And, considering the affordability of flyers and the effectiveness they offer, it should come as no surprise that this form of print is still in widespread use today. If you use the iPhone or iPad for your business or organization, you should know that there are some handy apps out there which are designed to help you design real printable flyers that are of very good quality. Here are a few of the top iPhone apps for making  printable flyers that look professional.


Wombat Apps’ PosterMaker is an app that helps you design real printable posters, signs and flyers using an iPhone or iPad. It’s a super easy app to use that even lets you create a “tear-off strip” at the bottom of your flyers that people can use to take your contact information with them.  If you’ve ever made flyers by hand, you know that these strips with tabs are not that all that fun to make but PosterMaker creates them for you as all you need to do is to provide the lines of text.

With this app you can add your own text, images and drawings and customize the font, background color, positioning and scaling. Once you are finished designing your flyer, you can export it to a high-resolution PDF file and then send it to yourself or other people for printing. You’ll be amazed at the quality of the flyers you can make with PosterMaker that will only put you out $2.99. It’s definitely one of the best apps out there that’s designed to help you create stunning flyers and more by just tapping your finger. iPhone | iPad

Quark DesignPad

Quark is a firm that publishes design software for creating and editing print publications. In the summer of 2012, Quark released its new iPad app, the Quark DesignPad that lets you create layouts for a wide variety of things including flyers. This app is so easy to use that even school-aged kids can make use of it to create posters or flyers for projects. There are many text and image blocks available, each of which can be edited to include your own custom texts and images. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you the opportunity to add stock photos which are available in many different categories. When you finish designing your flyer, you can save it and then email yourself or someone else a link to it for quick printing. You also can Tweet your project to share with followers for feedback. Download

Pages for iPad

The Pages app for the iPad gives you the ability to have a fully working word processor built right into your tablet computer. There are many templates to choose from for flyers as well as for reports, invites and letters. The fonts and colors in each template are perfectly coordinated. Essentially, you choose a great design for your flyer, write some clever words, drop in a few images and you’re ready to print! This is an impressive app that’s actually quite fun to use! Once you are finished being creative, you’ll end up with a great looking flyer that looks as though it was made by a professional flyer printing company. iPhone | iPad

These are three of the most popular flyer printing apps compatible with the iPhone and iPad. If you’re an Android user, don’t dispair because there are similar apps available for Android smartphones and tablets so you too can create amazing flyers on your device.


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