Top 5 iPhone Apps for Activists

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iphone apps for activistsApple’s iPhone is not simply a tool for making and receiving phone calls. It is a great all in one device that can allow you to stay organized, productive, entertained and so much more. Essentially, everything that can be done with your iPhone comes as a result of the many great apps you can download to it courtesy of the iTunes App Store. Generally, if you are interested in anything, there is an app for it. This includes the topic of social activism. Discussed in detail below are a few of the top social activism apps for iPhone that you may want to explore.


ONE is a great free app that reflects the nonpartisan advocacy and campaigning organization that was co-founded by U2 frontman Bono. It is the first iPhone app that was designed for the mass market specifically for advocacy and provides you with facts as well as the opportunity to help save lives, put needy kids in school and so much more. There is up to date news, video and photo included, and you can make your voice heard by calling a member of Congress or signing a petition right at your fingertips through the app on your iPhone. Download the app Here

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward is a great app that is simple to use and costs 99 cents at the App Store. It is one of the best social activism tools available and is designed to remind the public that there are always ways to improve the world by helping others. The app works by sending you a suggestion on a daily basis of an example of an act of kindness that can help someone in need. It is easy to use and fun. You can carry out the advice on your iPhone’s screen and keep track of your progress. Download the app Here

This is Green

This is Green is a free app that you can certainly use if you are someone who truly cares about the state of the environment. It contains helpful information about the hazardous ingredients found in food and household products and can enable you to make wiser choices when shopping for such items. The app is map based and can help you to improve problem areas within your home. Download the app here.


PETA is a free app that is provided by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. With it, you can help to protect animals against cruelty and abuse by taking action after receiving alerts right on your iPhone. You can participate and collect points and badges toward your work of animal activism. Download the app Here


IJM is the free app that comes courtesy of the International Justice Mission. The IJM is the human rights agency that seeks justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other types of violent oppression and helps these individuals to find their voice. The attorneys, investigators and other professionals within the organization also work to ensure the aftercare for these people and protect them and others like them against violence. You can stay connected with these justice seekers and help to stand up against oppression right at your fingertips. Download the app Here

With all of these top activism apps, you will feel more powerful for having used your voice. Feel great about yourself as you fight for the rights of both people and animals as well as the environment.

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