Top 5 Tech Gadgets For 2013

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top 5 gadgets 2013The tech gadgets for 2013 are expected to be highly impressive. These devices will take gadgetry to a level that people have not seen before. Convenience is a primary concern of designers this season. Take a look at the top five gadgets that are expected to be a hit this holiday season.

1. Motorola Atrix

motorolla atrixMotorola Atrix features a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The 4.5-inch High Definition ColorBoost display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. The smartphone is codenamed Dinara. The smartphone is expected to perform well in 2013 and will feature a Kevlar microweave fiber backplate. Atrix HD or Dinara will feature an eight-megapixel camera rear-facing camera and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

2. Apple Television

apple televisionApple TV is expected to be one of the best products to be revealed in 2013. Apple never fails to disappoint the public with its innovative technology. Apple TV is no different. Apple TV can be used in conjunction with Netflix. Apple continues to evolve and improve upon the technology the company has previously developed.

3. Fujitsu Lifebook

fujitsu lifebookThe Fujitsu Lifebook is something out of a futuristic movie. This Lifebook incorporates a camera, phone and tablet. The profile is slim, but it is bulkier than some of the other laptops available on the market. When the camera is stored in the base of the Lifebook, it is seamless and flush with exterior. There is also a phone that can fit into a special slot on the side of the notebook. It is a convenient device that is expected to perform well.

4. Autonet Car Router

autonet car routerSome automakers are installing the Autonet car routers to provide Internet connections in vehicles. Some of these devices even come equipped with full PC systems in the car. This Autonet Mobile WiFi Router is highly beneficial for businessmen who need access while traveling for business. The router is expensive, but the monthly service is affordable. The monthly access fee is $39, and the router costs $595.

5. Flir Pathfindir

flir pathfindirPathFindIR Nighttime Vision Camera is another must-have technology device for 2013. If you have ever had trouble driving at night, this system can help to prevent accidents by detecting hazards in the road. The PathFindIR Thermal Image allows drivers time to react to pedestrians or animals in the road. The Heat Seeker helps to identify hazards on the road via heat. The device can operate between negative 40 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius.

The Top Five Gadgets for 2013

The top five gadgets, unfortunately, will not be available this holiday season. When the devices are released, the devices will be a welcome addition. Consider these gadgets for next year. It will be a welcome addition to your current repertoire of tech gadgets.

Author Bio Kenny Graham is a self-proclaimed geek and knows the ins and outs of the latest technologies. With his love and knowledge for technology, Kenny is a regular blog contributor reviewing such products. Kenny spends his time browsing the latest Harvey Norman catalogue looking for the latest technology products to hit the shelves.

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