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htc phoneGiven the amount of column inches given to the every waking moment of Apple and Samsung, their famous rivalry and the likelihood of their new releases coinciding, it’s both refreshing and frustrating to find a mobile phone manufacturer of whom little is known.

HTC is that manufacturer; happy to let their products speak for themselves, they are quiet, reserved and very little is known about them. So where did this corporation come from and furthermore where are they likely to go in the future?

In their own words, HTC “…produces powerful handsets that continually push the boundaries of innovation to provide true mobile freedom.”

The Beginnings

The company was founded in 1997 by Cher Wang, the chairwoman, HT Cho who is the Director of the Board and the Chairman of the HTC Foundation and Peter Chou, the President and CEO.

The company was originally formed as a “faceless” or unbranded company who would produce machinery and devices for other corporations. As part of this, they established relationships and links with a number of leading manufacturers and brands. However, in 2006 they launched themselves as a manufacturer in their own right with HTC products filling the shelves.

They have achieved phenomenal success since this time and are seen as being one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile industry. In additional to ranking them as their second best performing Asian technology company in 2007, Business Week also ranked them as the third best performing global company in 2006.

Their Products

It is obvious, from looking at the shelves of any mobile phone or technology retailer that HTC products are among the most innovative and gadget driven and their aim “to support specific applications and new form factors that meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers and partners” would certainly appear to be coming to fruition.

Their back catalog of products is a diverse range of easy to use, multimedia solutions which, rather than being completely targeted towards a certain group or age range, have wide reaching and cross market popularity.

Throughout their time, they have also been able to demonstrate innovation in terms of the number of “firsts” they have produced and as such, they have been able to lead the rest of the market in many technological advances. In 1999 they unveiled the first color palm size PC and followed this up in 2000 with the first Microsoft compatible pocket PC. Their first Microsoft powered smartphone was unveiled in 2002, whilst 2005 saw the launch of their first Microsoft 3G phone.


Since this time, their commitment to research and development has continued with the HTC Galaxy HTC Wildfire, and HTC Desire S being among some of the most well received and highest grossing smartphones released within the last few years.

They have also continued their relationships with selling and R&D partners including Orange, O2, Vodafone, Sprint and Intel and as news of the reputation, quality and customer association continues to grow into the future, it is likely that these associations will also continue to thrive.

This post was written by Terry Brightman – a total gadget geek and proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

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